Apr 25 2006
04:16 pm

Not only did the State Supreme Court refuse to clarify how they expect Knox Co to comply with their recent term limits ruling, they were also dicks about it. They said Moncier's filings were "incomplete, contain inaccurate citations, discuss matters irrelevant to the issues that are before the court."

Guess what, assholes? Those filings were made under extreme time constraints by clients whose lives and careers have been thrown into chaos by a decision you made without regard to its consequences. Now a diverse set of clients come back to you for help in understanding what your decision means and how we can try to salvage some semblance of a fair, democratic election from the detritus of your after-the-last-minute decision, and what do you do? You slam the door in their faces because there is a little mud on their shoes.

Somebody needs to make sure these Justices understand what a mess they've made. State law forbids amending a ballot within 40 days of an election. The Supreme Court did just that, in effect. How do you sue the State Supreme Court for violating state election law?

Are arbitrary dates and deadlines and procedural niceties really more important than the right of every Knox Co citizen to participate in a coherent election in which their vote actually counts for something? The courts keep saying yes. I disrespectfully disagree. Contemptuously, even.

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Umm, the suit filed by the

Umm, the suit filed by the five commissioners (and sort of endorsed by the Election Commission as a way to clarify what's happening) is making its way through they system. I believe it's due to be heard in Chancery Court Thursday.

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Tomorrow morning at 9:30,

Tomorrow morning at 9:30, actually. Moncier wanted the Supremes to hear it on an emergency basis, or whatever the proper legal term might be, but they declined.

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Is Moncier the lawyer for

Is Moncier the lawyer for the five Commissioners? I thought it was somebody else (I forget who).

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Did you think it was Arthur

Did you think it was Arthur Seymour?

Rachel's picture

Arthur Seymour

I think he turned them down, along with John Valliant. I just can't remember who they ended up with.

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