People deal with unexpected events in different ways. Most people are familiar with the five stages of grief. Here are the six stages of grief with our local rulers leaders on County Commission.

DENIAL --- No way. It has to be a joke. They would never sue to invalidate the Charter. No one would ever vote for them again. What judge would even take the case?

ANGER --- %$@^##& Commissioners! Take an oath to defend the Charter and then sue to invalidate it.

BARGAINING --- Someone with standing will appeal the ruling. The Supreme Court will intervene.

DEPRESSION --- Xanax, anyone got an extra Xanax?

ACCEPTANCE --- What’s the use. This place is just as corrupt as Memphis.

HUMOR --- They want a huge travel allowance raise? Haaaaaaaaa. Snort, giggle, heh, that’s a good one.

Sam Venable does a good job examining the moxie of Scott “Scobbie” Moore and the latest development in our favorite real life reality show “Commissioners know best”.

You may not believe this but Knox County Commissioners get some pretty neat benefits for the twelve grueling meetings a year at the City County Building. I understand they get a compensation of around 18 grand a year. I have heard they can play golf free at the Knox County golf courses and also get free cable. Don’t even ask about the pension benefits.

They also get a monthly travel allotment of $325. Sweeet. Round trip from the most distant point in the county would be no more than fifty miles. But Commission Chairman Moore wanted to increase that monthly travel allotment 51 percent to $492 per month.

Say what you will, those Knox County Commissioners have got moxie.

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