Mar 30 2017
07:09 am

Trump wants Congress to add defense funding and money for a new wall along the Mexican border in a near-term spending bill intended to keep the government open past April 28, but Capitol Hill Republicans signaled they will reject the idea to avoid a shutdown as well as the deep cuts that the new spending would require.

He can't get a travel ban, he didn't get repeal of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), and it's possible he won't get the border wall (since Mexico won't pay for it). What happened to his Art of the Deal? I guess running a country with people who vote and stuff is different than running a company.


Tough times to be in news media.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has fired a reporter at WUTC, a National Public Radio affiliate, after state legislators complained about her reporting on the so-called transgender bathroom bill, reports the Times-Free Press.

Chattanooga NPR reporter fired after legislator complaints

Mar 29 2017
06:46 am
Mar 28 2017
05:55 pm

The state has awarded Haslam pals JLL a huge outsourcing contract to take over faciliies management at campuses statewide. It's not clear from the article what servces are included.

The article does say that JLL is sub-contracting with two companies, one for janitorial services and another for landscaping services.

Maybe someone can explain the math of how adding multiple extra layers of for-profit corporations is supposed to save money?

JLL awarded massive outsourcing contract

Mar 28 2017
04:54 pm

...this time at newly acquired assets in Memphis and Knoxville.

In Memphis, sources tell the Scene that 17 staff members were eliminated in the newsroom, including seven digital producers, two photographers, two reporters, one clerk and five editors. In Knoxville, 11 were eliminated from the newsroom, including four managers. The cuts largely follow the "Newsroom of the Future" model implemented in Nashville, which slices out middle managers and copy desks in favor of a newsroom with editors and planners at the top and reporters at the bottom, with little in between.

Gannett stock (NYSE:GCI) unchanged at $8.15 in after hours trading.

Mar 28 2017
12:48 pm

Arizona requires no special permits or licensing for self-driving vehicles.

The officer, who was in front of the Tesla driver, stopped for a stoplight, police said. After also stopping briefly, the Tesla began moving forward, prompting the officer to jump off his motorcycle and move away. The car struck the fallen motorcycle, but no damage was reported to either vehicle.

Because it was such a minor collision, Phoenix police spokesman said, there will be no further investigation. The officer was not harmed, and no citations were issued.

The incident came days before a crash in Tempe involving an Uber automated car.

Who do you direct your road rage at?


Specifically, the order will rescind at least six Obama-era executive orders aimed at curbing climate change and regulating carbon emissions, including Obama's November 2013 executive order instructing the federal government to prepare for the impact of climate change and the September 2016 presidential memorandum that outlined the "growing threat to national security" that climate change poses.

In executive order, Trump to dramatically change US approach to climate change


More than 9% of employees tested positive for one or more drugs in oral fluid screenings in 2015, the most recent year for which data was available. And the problem is even worse at places like Sterling Technologies.

"Twenty percent of the people are failing," said Cary Quigley, the company's president. "We're seeing positive tests anywhere from marijuana through amphetamines, right all the way through crystal meth and heroin."

Which is why refugees like Alzamel, despite some language barriers, are quickly snapping up jobs.

As more Americans fail drug tests, employers turn to refugees

Mar 27 2017
05:54 pm

Carmine Appice, Cactus, formerly of the Vanilla Fudge, #28 Rolling Stone Greatest Drummer of All Time. Drum clinic in the above video starts at 2:04...

Mar 27 2017
04:43 am

What Comes Next for Obamacare? The Case for Medicare for All

Many Republicans who want to diminish government’s role in health care view the single-payer approach with disdain. But Mr. Trump often seems to take pleasure in being unpredictable, and since he will offend people no matter which way he turns, he may want to consider why liberals and conservatives in many other countries have embraced the single-payer approach.

Mar 25 2017
11:10 am

"And it [failure to repeal Obamacare] was the biggest defeat of Mr. Trump’s young presidency, which has suffered many. His travel ban has been blocked by the courts. Allegations of questionable ties to the Russian government forced out his national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn. Tensions with key allies such as Germany, Britain and Australia are high, and Mr. Trump’s approval ratings are at historic lows."

New York Times...


Trump’s assertion. He has identified, however, the wrong culprit as the person who poison-pilled Obamacare for 2017.

That distinction would go to Marco Rubio (and his Republican helpers in the Senate). Let’s step back to 2015 for the entire story, which is bizarre and fascinating.

As Robert Pear in the Times noted, Rubio’s “plan limiting how much the government can spend to protect insurance companies against financial losses has shown the effectiveness of quiet legislative sabotage.”

How Republicans quietly sabotaged Obamacare long before Trump came into office

Marco Rubio Quietly Undermines Affordable Care Act

Mar 24 2017
12:56 pm


Today we have a Dark-eyed Junco who came up on the porch to pose. We have a lot of these. The lighting is difficult, but he/she's still cute. Click image for bigger plus a bonus shot of an exotic species spotted near the feeders.


Candidates are already coming out of the woodwork across the country, thanks to a backlash against President Donald Trump and a newfound recognition on the left of the importance of state legislatures to counter GOP control in Washington, D.C.

Democratic officials have had to add extra candidate training sessions to keep up with demand and increase enrollment in existing ones. One major training group, Emerge America, reports an 87% surge in candidate applications over last year.

Thousands of Would-Be Democratic Candidates Flood States in Trump Backlash


On a party-line vote of 50-48, the Senate passed a joint resolution that would bar the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing rules it approved last year — when it was under Democratic control — that sought to ban internet service providers like cable and cellphone companies from selling your data without your consent.

Senate Votes to Let ISPs Sell Your Data Without Consent


Democratic TV's Lisa Plawchan will host UT Faculty Senate President Dr. Bonnie H Ownley, College Democrats Vice President Caroline Cranford, and Moms Demand Action's University Outreach Lead Kimberly Peterson to discuss "Guns on Campus: Safe or Sorry?" on DTV Friday evening at 7:30 PM on Community TV.

This has been "gun week" in the Tennessee Legislature with a number of gun-related bills being debated and voted upon including proposals to allow guns to be carried on our college campuses. Join Lisa and her panel for an informative and lively discussion on this issue by leaders who have been working on the issue for the past couple of legislative sessions.

You can watch the program streamed at 7:30 PM on Friday, March 24 at:(here)

Or watch on these channels on Friday, March 24th @ 7:30 PM:

Provider Channel
Comcast 12
WOW! (Knology) 6
Charter 193
AT&T U-verse 99

Mar 23 2017
07:40 pm

Alt-fact, from Trump administration lackey Spicer: "Obviously there’s been discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time."

Actual fact: Manafort was Trump's campaign manager and chief strategist in the spring and summer of 2016, until he was fired when his ties to Russia came to light.

Mar 23 2017
04:05 pm

Apparently, the changes negotiated with moderates aren't cruel enough for Trump and conservative Republicans in Congress.

Mar 22 2017
05:43 pm

Tennessee on national TV again

“They say Murfreesboro is about as Middle East as you can get.”

Other supporters suggest locking up "anyone that runs against (Trump)" in 2020, and explain their preference for "Trumpcare" over "Obamacare."

"As long as it says 'Trump,' you won't be thinking about how bad it is," a young supporter tells Klepper.

'The Daily Show' was at Trump's Nashville rally

Go Vols


Old news to Knoxviews ...

A new study suggests Tennessee isn't paying its way in America as the state's residents and government are taking more from the federal government than they're putting in.

The new report, released today, figures Tennessee’s state government is the third most-dependent state on federal funding, a figure derived from the proportion of state revenue that comes from the federal government in the form of intergovernmental aid. It also estimates Tennessee residents are the 20th most-dependent on federal aid, which was calculated by dividing federal funding to state’s residents by IRS collections from state residents.

Study: Tennessee among the most federally dependent states


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