Nov 22 2019
10:33 am

I was impressed with all of the people that testified for the impeachment inquiry. They spoke well and I'm comfortable with how they represent our country.

They Toil Gladly Offstage.

Nov 20 2019
01:28 pm

I was looking up the various public Christmas related ongoing decor entities in Knoxville area like Farragut Founders Park, Christmas at Chilhowee Park, Festival of Lights at The Cove.

Has there ever been an ongoing Christmas in World's Fair Park? Decorating the Sunsphere, and throughout the park. Christmas musical performances at the amphitheater, etc.?

Christmas at Chilhowee

Farragut Founders Park Christmas decorations

Knox County Festival of Lights at The Cove

Are there more within Knox County?

The breakthrough means that, for the first time, concentrated solar energy can be used to create the extreme heat required to make cement, steel, glass and other industrial processes. In other words, carbon-free sunlight can replace fossil fuels in a heavy carbon-emitting corner of the economy that has been untouched by the clean energy revolution.

Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough

Nov 19 2019
07:02 am

Tennessee’s education commissioner says the state’s new school vouchers for private education will be considered federally taxable income for parents.
The pro-voucher Tennessee Federation for Children disputes the tax interpretation.

The law says the vouchers “do not constitute income of a parent of a participating student” under Tennessee law. That doesn’t affect federal taxes.

This may be a surprise for parents come tax time.

Nov 16 2019
06:55 am

Why do Republicans in Congress continue to protect the madman in the White House? He is not their party leader. He is a party of one. There is no conservative Republican party any more. There is only Trump.

The only plausible explanation for this lock-step support is that they are afraid of Trump. Or more specifically, his voters. They're afraid those voters will punish them at the polls if they do anything to oppose him.

Instead, they should consider this a "teachable moment" for their constituents. They should go back to their states and districts and explain that this is not normative or acceptable governance. They should educate their voters on why extraordinary measures are needed to correct it, and act accordingly. As the old saying goes, when you find yourself in a hole stop digging.

On the other hand, they are certainly entitled, indeed welcome, to continue down the path of their own party's destruction. They will not, however, like the outcome in November 2020.

Nov 15 2019
11:39 pm

Holmes said Sondland had responded that Trump cares only about "big stuff." When Holmes said that the Ukraine war was big, Sondland responded, " 'Big stuff' that benefits the President, like the Biden investigation that Mr. Giuliani was pushing," Holmes said.

Witness overheard US ambassador tell Trump that Ukraine would investigate Biden

Jean Knight - Mr big stuff

Nov 15 2019
05:01 pm

REPORT: “TN officials failed to distribute $214 million+ in federal CHILD CARE FUNDS to low & middle-income TN parents since 2015.”

With $730M in TANF funds, that’s ~$1 BILLION this TN GOP supermajority has kept from our most vulnerable. @GovBillLee

— The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) November 15, 2019


Raise your hand if you still think Medicaid block grants are a good idea.

Nov 15 2019
02:59 pm
By: bizgrrl


Nov 13 2019
11:03 am

It begins.

Live on C-SPAN

The officers spoke to Michael Pelletier, who is the Chief Operating Officer for TrueCore, which operates the facility. The officer noted that Pelletier was filling in for the facility's director, who had walked off and quit a few days earlier.

It took 24 officers to contain inmates at Mountain View facility in incident 1st reported as medical call

TrueCore Behavioral

Nov 12 2019
07:34 am
By: bizgrrl

Our first snow is 3 weeks earlier than last year. Looks like about an inch. Will it be gone by noon?

Nov 12 2019
06:43 am

Voice prompted phone systems are driving me crazy. It's bad enough when you call a company that you have to go through the automated systems to get the help you need. But, now, instead of pressing a number for what services you need, the phone systems want you to speak your response. Not a number but a word or sentence. I'm pretty sure they don't have the nuances of different dialects. Thus you have to repeat yourself often to get the desired result.

Also, I love it when they start out saying the options have changed. Then they go into options for their address, directions, or website information. This takes up my time to actually get to the service person I need.

My call is very important to them? Really?

Nov 11 2019
08:53 am
By: R. Neal
Nov 8 2019
08:09 pm
By: michael kaplan
Nov 8 2019
06:41 am

Ghost is developing a kit that will allow privately owned passenger vehicles to drive autonomously on highways. And the company says it will deliver in 2020. A price has not been set, but the company says it will be less than what Tesla charges for its Autopilot package that includes “full self-driving” or FSD. FSD currently costs $7,000.
The kit will let human drivers hand control of their vehicle over to a computer, allowing them to do other activities such as look at their phone or even doze off.
While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could potentially step in, Ghost’s approach, like Tesla, hits a sweet spot of non-regulation. It’s a space, that Hayes notes, where the government has not yet chosen to regulate.

What could possibly go wrong? Heh.

Nov 8 2019
06:29 am


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha... Do you hate us so much you have to lie and take away needed services?

What: ETSPJ: Evening with Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute
When: Friday, November 8, 2019 - 7:00pm
Where: East Tennessee Historical Society, 601 S. Gay St.

The East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists and Front Page Foundation are hosting a talk with Al Tompkins, Senior Faculty Member at The Poynter Institute, who will discuss journalism and social media, how to identify fake news, who is spreading it, how, and why.

Tompkins has conducted workshops in newsrooms across the United Stated and in numerous other countries drawing from his experiences as a former reporter, producer, anchor, and photojournalist for broadcast and online news. He has won numerous awards for his journalistic work including the National Emmy, the Peabody Award (group award), and the Robert F. Kennedy Award.

The event is free and open to the public.

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