Jan 27 2021
06:12 pm
By: michael kaplan


Stop the raids! Join our mission to end destructive raids of unhoused encampments during hazardous weather conditions. When the city of Knoxville conducts bulldozer sweeps to clear encampments of unhoused people during or right before extreme weather conditions, our neighbors risk injury and death as a direct result of having their shelter and personal belongings destroyed.

Jan 26 2021
04:55 pm

Don't make the people go to mass vaccination sites!

I don't understand the Mayor of Sevierville offering up Dollywood as a mass vaccination site.

Even Tennessee's Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said in a press conference on Friday that sites like Dollywood, Opryland and Nissan Stadium could hold mass vaccination clinics...

Maybe in Nashville because they have a large population. However, I really don't think it is necessary and not the best method to vaccinate the people.

Sevierville has a population of approximately 15,000 people, of which 18% are 65 or older. It would seem they can handle that population in smaller clinics.

And, how many people from nearby counties would want to travel to Sevierville twice for their vaccines.

Not me!

Jan 25 2021
04:31 pm

as well as his Press Secretary's press conferences...

OMG, what a pleasure to hear intelligence!

Jan 24 2021
06:22 am

When the pandemic started and deaths were beginning to be counted,
on May 30, 2020, there were 5 deaths reported.

In 7 months an additional 288 deaths have been reported.

In one month, from December 26, 2020, to January 23, 2021,
there have been an additional 144 deaths reported.

Highest percentage jump in deaths in the 45-64 age group, from 39 deaths to 67, a 72% increase.
Highest increase in number of deaths in the 75+ age group, from 173 deaths to 260. 87 deaths in 29 days.

I cannot imagine what more can be said to convince those not practicing safety during a pandemic. Obviously they do not care about their fellow man.

As of May 30, 2020, there were 5 deaths from COVID-19.

As of December 26, 2020, there have been 293 deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.

9 in the 18-44 age group (3%)
39 in the 45-64 age group (13%)
72 in the 65-74 age group (25%)
173 in the 75+ age group (59%)

As of January 23, 2021, there have been 437 deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.

10 in the 18-44 age group (2%)
67 in the 45-64 age group (15%)
100 in the 65-74 age group (23%)
260 in the 75+ age group (60%)

Highest percentage jump in deaths in the 45-64 age group, from 39 deaths to 67, a 72% increase.

Jan 23 2021
07:10 am

As reported on January 22, 2021, "Knox County Health Department workers will have administered 6,000 COVID-19 vaccines by" the end of day on January 24, 2021.

At this rate, it is estimated Knox County has averaged approx. 171 vaccines a day. This would mean that it would take 7.5 years to vaccinate all 470,000 residents of Knox County. Plus, they still have to give out the 2nd dose of the vaccine for 470,000 people.

We can only hope they are ramping up to administer a heck of a lot more vaccines in the future.

Although, according to the State of Tennessee, the state as a whole is doing better. It is reported that nearly 500,000 vaccines have been administered across the state. That would equate to approximately 14,285 vaccines a day. This would mean that it would take 1.5 years to vaccinate all 6.8 million residents of Tennessee. Then, of course, there is the second dose that has to be administered with 25 or so days of the first dose.

Wonder where the vaccines are going in the state?

Then there is this from the same WATE article, "Monroe Co. man shares vaccine experience, highlights struggles rural communities face."

It starts with figuring out how to get a vaccine.
You call phone numbers, can't get through. You try to make an appointment online, which not everyone is able to do. Then, if you do make an appointment there is not method to keep you up-to-date as to where you are in that line.

Sec. 2. Immediate Action Regarding Federal Employees, Contractors, Buildings, and Lands. (a) The heads of executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall immediately take action, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to require compliance with CDC guidelines with respect to wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and other public health measures by: on-duty or on-site Federal employees; on-site Federal contractors; and all persons in Federal buildings or on Federal lands.

Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing

... Minimum Wage for Contractors (the Executive Order or the Order), beginning January 1, 2021. Beginning on that date, the Executive Order minimum wage rate that generally must be paid to workers performing work on or in connection with covered contracts will increase to $10.95 per hour, while the required minimum cash wage that generally must be paid to tipped employees performing work on or in connection with covered contracts will increase to $7.65 per hour

Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors, Notice of Rate Change in Effect as of January 1, 2021

Coyotes are on the prowl in East Tennessee. It's mating season and homeowners are already catching them on doorbell cameras.

How to stay safe as coyotes are out and about in East Tennessee


The Tennessee River, a 652-mile tributary of the Ohio River, is notoriously polluted. In 2019, researchers said the river was more like a river of plastic, according to CNN affiliate WVLT, possibly with more broken down bits of plastic than any other river in the world.

Volunteers remove more than 9,000 lbs of trash from Tennessee River

Experts call Tennessee River "River of Plastic"

Tune into DTV on Friday evening at 9:30 PM for a lively discussion about election integrity in Knox County. Attorney Luke Ihnen, KCDP's chair of Election Integrity leads a discussion by Knox County Administrator of Elections Chris Davis, Tammy Kaousias, current member of the Knox County Election Commission, Retired Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers, and retired Voting Machine Technician Frank Schingle on election integrity and the checks and balances in the election processes in Knox County that give confidence in the outcome of elections across Knox County.

DTV airs on the following cable channels at 9:30 PM on Friday, Jan 22.
AT&T Uverse: Channel 99
Comcast NBC Universal: Channel 12
WOW! Channel 6
Charter: Channel 193

DTV streams live (here!)

Jan 20 2021
01:20 pm
By: bizgrrl

Vice President Harris

There is a great sigh of relief across this great nation.

Jan 20 2021
01:17 pm
By: R. Neal

Jan 19 2021
05:43 pm
By: bizgrrl

Jan 18 2021
04:35 pm
By: R. Neal

Pruitt fired for cause (NCCA violations), Fulmer retiring as AD.


Jan 16 2021
03:24 pm
By: R. Neal

Congratulations, Hendrell Remus!


DTV's Renee Hoyos hosts John and Nancy Stewart as they share their reminiscences of work in the US Capitol in the 1960's. This discussion will be aired on Community TV on Friday, Jan 15th at 9:30 PM.

The contrast of John and Nancy's memories juxtaposed on the mayhem at the Capitol last Wednesday will be strong reminders of the tragedy we witnessed. Tune in for a walk in the Capitol in Washington DC in different times. Careful because this discussion will be a stark reminder of how the sacred nature of our Capitol was sullied by the acts of an out of control mob last Wednesday.

The DTV show will air on these listed channels on Friday, Jan 15 @ 9:30 PM
Comcast Channel 12
Charter Channel 193
Wow! Channel 6
ATT U-verse Channel 99

or it streams live (here)

The Secret Service who’ve pledged to give their lives to protect Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have for years been instructed not to use any of the seven bathrooms in the Trump/Kushner home.

Instead, the Secret Service has spent $100,000 in taxpayer money to rent a $3,000-per-month basement studio apartment nearby with a bathroom so that agents can use the toilet.

Jared and Ivanka Aren’t Sharing Toilets With People Who’ve Agreed to Die for Them

Jan 13 2021
04:41 pm

Trump is now the only president to be impeached twice. The vote was 232 for impeachment, 197 against, all Republicans, with four not voting (all Republicalans). Ten Republicans voted for impeachment.

Jan 13 2021
10:41 am

Our local congressional representative, Tim Burchett, issued the following about his vote last night regarding the 25th Amendment.

"Congress does not have the constitutional authority to invoke the 25th Amendment, and Vice President Pence said he will not do so."

Not exactly. Section 4 of the 25th Amendment reads, "Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal offices of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office..."

Congress also plays a voting role if the President disputes the conclusion. Further, Congress is quite capable of passing a "sense of the House" resolution about what should happen. Thus, Burchett's statement is incomplete and misleading (and trying to cover his outrageous Trumpism, ignoring Trump's incitement of insurrection).

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