Nov 10 2022
06:07 am

In April, 2022, Greyhound moved the bus "station" from the long time Magnolia Avenue location to Cherry Street, which did not turn out to be a good location.

In October, 2022, Greyhound moved the bus "station" to 1607 North Sixth Avenue, Knoxville, TN, where there is the "Top Market and Deli".

Greyhound is going to have to move the bus "station" once again.

On Oct. 10, the city informed the owner of the Top Market at Grainger Avenue and North Sixth Avenue that it wasn’t zoned to allow for a commercial bus stop. Greyhound had been using it only a few days when the city issued notice.

"Knoxville Area Transit has evaluated the possibility of Greyhound leasing space at its downtown transit center, but that site does not have the capacity to accommodate both KAT and Greyhound when city buses are running most of the day."

Once again, "It is kind of sad how Greyhound can't get a decent depot in Knoxville. They say they can't accommodate Greyhound at the "John J. Duncan, Jr. Knoxville Station, state-of-the-art, LEED-certified transit center" that was only built 12 years ago in 2010." On top of that KAT has cut back on bus services. Not much growth planning.

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How about they lease pickup

How about they lease pickup space from city in parking area under I-40 downtown. Or in parking area under James White Parkway.

Some things the station seems to ideally have....
Covered area in central location
Close to KAT stop of some type
A restaurant of some sort close by (Maybe food trucks that rotate being at stop during opportune times)

Or could they pay the city a fee to pickup/dropoff at or very close to, Market Square garage? It haas a public restroom. Let Greyhound pay city the cost of the restroom.

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A good idea

That's a really good idea.

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Yes, it's an excellent idea to put that vast, expensive, paved space created by SmartFix I-40 to some use other than parking a few cars.

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Greyhound relocates its Knoxville bus stop again

Greyhound has relocated its Knoxville bus stop to the third site in two months, this time to 100 Kirkwood St., at the intersection with Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

On Tuesday afternoon, Greyhound passengers were waiting at the bus stop, which has a Knoxville Area Transit shelter along the sidewalk but no available restrooms.

Greyhound relocates its Knoxville bus stop again

Contact And Directions For Knoxville Area Transit Bus Stop In Knoxville, Tennessee

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Interesting location choice.

Interesting location choice. In a beauty shop parking lot, across the street from a bank and a big church.

Will it last?

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Could lease a spot at a

Could lease a spot at a public park with a covered area and public restrooms.

Or pickup in a section of the University Commons parking garage. There are several vacancies within University Commons, Greyhound could lease a small one with restrooms. Use the indoor garage
for loading single bus.

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University Commons

That's a good idea.

What's kind of funny to me is that when we start looking at solutions with the best interests of our community at heart, there seem to be plenty of ideas. There is simply a lack of will on the part o0f local government and business to do the right thing.

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Would possibly create them

Would possibly create them some business being close to campus.

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West Town Mall

I know it doesn't fit the present demographic, but locating both public and private transportation facilities, in addition to improving pedestrian and bicycle access just makes sense to me, both from a serving the public perspective and for ensuring the long term economic success of the mall.

I think perception gets bogged down at the concept of a bad element. You get the situation with all its elements. You are always going to have good and bad elements. You develop your good elements and you manage the bad.

To start with, you could rent some porta-potties. See how it goes. We'll probably need more police patrols for this idea to float though.

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There's clearly an element of classism here. But a university commons storefront is not going to fly because it has to be staffed. At least the new spot is next to a grocery store. But that doesn't help in the middle of the night. My first reaction is at least provide a porta potty and more benches.

What's the opinion of the beauty parlor. Could the community (that's us) sponsor hair cuts and more especially a wash for someone who's been on the bus for a while. What are the likely layovers.

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It reads: "Greyhound has not

It reads: "Greyhound has not sought the city’s permission to use either the public roadway or the Kirkwood Superstop to support their private bus operations.

City criticizes Greyhound's choice for new East Knoxville stop

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Wonder were they are getting

Wonder where they are getting these suggestions they have chosen?

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Good question.

Good question.

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