On April 18, the company said its bus stop moved to a self-service location at 1324 Cherry Street, near a Marathon gas station in East Knoxville. They said people would be dropped off at the location and picked up there, as long as they have tickets.

Greyhound moves Knoxville bus stop to a location near a gas station on Cherry Street

City leaders said Greyhound talked with them a few years ago about using the Knoxville Area Transit center as a station, but those conversations did not go very far.

'There's no security out here': People share concerns about Knoxville's new Greyhound bus stop

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I saw that story and was

I saw that story and was really surprised at the choice of location. Lots of crime. Then, there is the fact that it is now not in a central location. Harder to access.

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Betty Bean has a great story

Betty Bean has a great story about the move at Knox TN Today.

"I’m pretty sure the folks who’ve been dumped out on the cold sidewalk at a Cherry Street gas station after closing time this week aren’t buying a word of it as they wait long hours for connections that always arrive late. They’ve been stranded out there every night this week because the old Greyhound station has been sold and closed its doors to riders for the last time early Monday."

I didn't realize the move had already happened.

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For profit transit

exists for profit. Public transit exists for the public.

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Safe and affordable intercity

Safe and affordable intercity (and interstate) transportation should be considered a utility, just like local public transportation. Greyhound (owned now by Germans) needs to be nationalized.

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