Oct 5 2022
05:56 am

In April, 2022, Greyhound moved the bus "station" to Cherry Street, which did not turn out to be a good location.

Now they have moved it to 1607 North Sixth Avenue, Knoxville, TN. This is a location just a little North of downtown. There is a deli at this location, "Top Market and Deli", which "has gone by other names in the past, including "Bill's Market and Deli" and "Annus Market and Deli." My Google search resulted in Annus Market and Deli.

This does not look like a heck of a lot better location than the one on Cherry Street. I have no idea how many people ride Greyhound from Knoxville, but you have to wonder how many people will be hanging out using the deli's facilities. Then there is the question of how late they are open. There is a separate story of a woman catching the bus with a a 10:30 PM scheduled leave time. Is the deli open that late?

It is kind of sad how Greyhound can't get a decent depot in Knoxville. I've forgotten why they can't operate out of the "John J. Duncan, Jr. Knoxville Station, state-of-the-art, LEED-certified transit center" built in 2010.

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City bus center

The City has offered but according to media reports, Greyhound has never responded.

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For what fee? Wonder what fee

For what fee?

Wonder what fee are they paying at current depot.

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What media?

I understood that the City said they couldn't make the local bus station available 24 hours which is what Greyhound needs. Seems a waste of potential.

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The store is open about 12

The store is open about 12 hours a day. There are two porta potties and a bench on the lot but no real way to get out of the weather other than to stand under the awning of the store (which is about 3 feet deep.

Since there were no accomodations at all at the Cherry St location, this appears to be better but, sorta in the way that it is better to have one toe broken than to have all of them broken - better but far from ideal.

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