Apr 28 2011
01:00 pm

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey announced today the launch of his new website, According to his press release it was created by the "legislature's award-winning Legislative Information Services team."

It has a blog, some simple forms for submitting questions and concerns and requests for appearances, and a press release area which is a duplicate of the blog or vice versa. Oh, and it has the requisite facebook and twitter widgets. There's a policy section but there's nothing there. Seems about right.

Who pays for the "legislature's award-winning Legislative Information Services team" to build and maintain this self-serving crap? Who authorizes it? Will every legislator get their own interactive website? How does this stimulate job growth in Tennessee?

P.S. Ramsey previously launched where small businessmen could tell their horror stories about all the government red tape keeping them from being successful. It mainly looks like an email/personal info phishing scam. It also looks abandoned. There are no horror stories of red tape strangling the profits of Tennessee businesses, and there sure aren't any solutions to Tennessee's unemployment problem.

Andy Axel's picture

Isn't Ramsey's office where

Isn't Ramsey's office where AC Kleinheider wound up?

jbr's picture

Looks like it staff web page

Looks like it

staff web page

Dave Prince's picture

Award-winning legislative InfoServ

I guess these are the awards in question?

R. Neal's picture

Yes, Kleinheider is Ramsey's

Yes, Kleinheider is Ramsey's PR guy and he sends out these press releases. No doubt he's giving Ramsey ideas.

Yes, those are the awards. Funny, the first award was given by the software vendor who provides the video streaming/archiving software for the site.

I wonder if the rest of it is a package as well.

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