Feb 1 2008
06:24 pm

Updating our previous post about the Feb. 5th election certification, here's more from Brook Thompson, Tennessee Coordinator of Elections:

I also want to stress that the certification of the election has been extended. I know that many of you are accustomed to certifying the election within a week of the election. However, because we must wait until February 15, 2008, to see if any timely postmarked ballot comes from an overseas voter, there cannot be a complete counting of the ballots, and therefore, there cannot be an accurate certification of election results before February 19, 2008.

Knox County Administrator of Elections Greg Mackay says they have narrowed it down to only 98 ballots affected county-wide.


Mackay says the absentee ballots were late because Republican delegates didn't get their petitions in on time. Apparently, those were also sent out late.

Mackay says this could impact Knox County races, depending on how close they are.

M.A.D.'s picture

What happens to the vote?

To Anyone Who Can Give Me This Information:(TN process only)

What happens to the vote after the polls close? What is the chain of command for the vote to be tallied and approved? I want to know how the votes are handled after the polls close. How is the final vote tallied and by whom? Please get back with me if you have any information regarding this subject matter.

Thanks for your help.

Tamara Shepherd's picture

Can't change anything, can it?

Just from memory, I don't *think* any primary candidate won by 98 votes or less, did they?

Isn't it then the case that these overseas ballots can't change the unofficial results previously reported?

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