Oct 26 2023
05:11 am

At least 18 people are believed to be dead from a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday evening, according to multiple sources briefed on the situation. A dozen were injured, sources said.

The person of interest is still at large and has been on the run for hours, law enforcement said.

The shooting may have unfolded in multiple locations, including a bowling alley where a children's league was taking place and a local bar...

More information from NBC News.

If only we could do something to limit ownership of weapons that can quickly shoot many people and hold lots of ammo.

As of Tuesday, at least 39 mass shootings had unfolded across the country since the year began, according to the Gun Violence archive, a nonprofit that tracks the spread of what has been called an American disease and which defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which at least four people — other than the shooter — are shot.

The U.S. has had at least 39 mass shootings in just 24 days so far this year, data shows

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