Crews are tearing down decades of history from Cumberland Avenue to the Smoky Mountain Market and Naples Italian Restaurant

Wrecking ball blues: Knoxville landmarks are coming down

The City Council will discuss whether to increase the contract price of building a "Real Time Information Center" at the Public Safety Complex. The center would allow the Knoxville Police Department to watch 15 cameras around the city in real time.
The cameras are expected to cover the Market Square area, the Old City and the areas around shelters on West Broadway.

Knoxville City Council to vote on $1 million for Real Time Information Center


Why was this proposed?: Parker told Knox News the 90-day period is needed to allow the council enough time to review the South Waterfront's form-based code and potentially make changes. Those changes would "ensure future developments along the South Waterfront align with the legislative intent of the code," she said.

Construction is booming on the South Waterfront. There's a call to pause the building rush

To do this, we analyzed and compared data across the following metrics: federal share of state government revenue, ratio of federal funding to income taxes paid, percentage of workers employed by the federal government and ratio of median earnings for federal workers to median earnings for private workers.

States Most Dependent on the Federal Government – 2022 Edition

Mar 15 2023
09:04 am

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security from February 2022 to January 2023 a crash that involved a distracted driver occurred nearly every 25 minutes.

Bill cracking down on distracted driving may be too severe, some say

My impression is the hands free Distracted driving law isn't enforced much, if any.


The new rule intends to set drinking water standards for six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS or “forever chemicals.” PFAS are a family of ubiquitous synthetic chemicals that linger in the environment and the human body, where they can cause serious health problems.

The proposal would regulate two chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, at 4 parts per trillion (ppt). For PFNA, PFHxS, PFBS and GenX chemicals, the EPA proposes not one standard for each but a limit for a mix of them.

EPA proposes first standards to make drinking water safer from ‘forever chemicals’

Biden-Harris Administration Proposes First-Ever National Standard to Protect Communities from PFAS in Drinking Water

Hancen Sale posted some data surrounding home prices and showed that the median listing price in the U.S. dropped starting mid-2022 until around the start of 2023. During that time, he said the median price of a Knoxville home rose, passing $450,000, according to an analysis by KAAR of data from

He said that as of February 2023, the city's listing price was around $42,000 higher than the U.S. average.

Knoxville median home prices exceed national median prices for first time

Currently, when voters head to the polls in Knoxville during city primary elections, they are allowed to vote for candidates only in their district. During the city general elections, however, Knoxville voters are able to vote for candidates in every city council election, including districts outside the one they live in.

Bill that would prevent Knoxville voters from participating in city council elections outside their district passes TN House

The downtown stadium will cost nearly $114 million, $14 million more than previously expected, and entrepreneur and baseball team owner Randy Boyd is covering the difference in cost, Boyd, the city and county announced Monday morning.

New downtown stadium pricetag is $114M; Boyd to cover extra costs

they said households in the area needed to make at least $90,331 per year for a mortgage on a median-priced home with a 10% down payment.

They also said that the average fixed-mortgage rate was around 6.5% for the week ending Feb. 23, resulting in monthly payments up by more than $600 compared to the previous year. They said the rising price of mortgages has discouraged some homebuyers and home sellers.

Report shows Knoxville rent growth rose higher than any other U.S. metro area in 2022

“Would Google collapse, and the internet be destroyed,” Alito asked a Google attorney on Tuesday, “if YouTube and therefore Google were potentially liable” for the content its users posted?

How the Supreme Court could re-shape the internet as you know it

The bill, HB0977/SB0827, was introduced in the legislature by Rep. Todd Warner (R-Chapel Hill) and Sen. Joey Hensley (R-Hohenwald) on Jan. 30. It would amend a Tennessee law that prevents most people from carrying guns on school campuses to exclude public and private college campuses. The law would still apply to K-12 schools in the state.

Tennessee bill would allow college students to carry guns on campus


Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said the announcement was part of the effort to "jumpstart our offshore wind industry" in the US. The Biden administration intends to deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030, plus another 15 gigawatts of energy produced by floating offshore wind turbines by 2035.

Biden administration announces first-ever wind energy lease sale in Gulf of Mexico

The $9 million purchase of a seven-acre piece of land at 2323 West Blount Avenue by school administrators will be approved by the University Board of Trustees this week. An agenda for the upcoming meeting cites the school continued growth and increasing need for student housing, parking and other facilities.

University of Tennessee to buy $9M riverfront property amid footbridge talks

Feb 20 2023
11:45 pm

Earlier this year, the state sent a letter to the Federal Rail Administration saying, in part, “There is great interest in Tennessee when it comes to passenger rail.”

I went to Gatlinburg Sunday. There is no way you want to channel more cars to that area. What a mess. The massive amount of traffic basically diminishes the experience significantly.

If people could stay in Knoxville, Morristown, Seymour, etc and have a decent comfortable train ride to Gatlinburg for a day that would just be an economic boon to region.

Or even a weekend ride to Asheville, Chattanooga, Nashville.

Could passenger rail connect Tennessee cities?


The hospital declined to discuss Valle’s care, citing patient privacy. But 17 months before her three-day ordeal, Tennova had outsourced its emergency rooms to American Physician Partners, a medical staffing company owned by private equity investors. APP employs fewer doctors in its ERs as one of its cost-saving initiatives to increase earnings, according to a confidential company document obtained by KHN and NPR.

The surprising reason why you aren’t guaranteed to see a doctor when you go to the ER

Anyone who missed the open house but still wants to share their thoughts can reach out to Knoxville leaders using some contact information found on the city's website.

LOCAL NEWS South Knoxville community gathers to discuss construction projects in area

Feb 11 2023
04:31 pm

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