If 95% of Americans wore masks in public, more than 100,000 lives could be saved from Covid-19 through February, a new modeling study suggests.

The study -- from the Covid-19 forecasting team at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation -- notes that, in September, only about 49% of US residents reported that they "always" wear a mask in public.

Wearing masks could save more than 100,000 US lives through February, new study suggests

Oct 24 2020
04:12 pm

I was surprised at the rent on these new apartments off Sevier Avenue. I thought it was a typo.

Though that area is evolving in a nice way

Foggy Bottom Flats

A Virginia woman could face up to six months in jail after being charged for intentionally feeding a black bear while on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

A woman posted video of herself feeding a black bear. Now she could face up to 6 months in jail

When a Michigan 94-year-old didn't receive her absentee ballot, she took her civic duty to the next level.

Mildred Madison insisted that she had to vote early and in person instead, but to make that happen, her son had to drive her more than 600 miles round trip.

This 94-year-old traveled more than 300 miles each way just so she could vote


How is that even possible? Can anyone collect ballots?

Casting the unofficial boxes as "wrong no matter who is doing it," Padilla had explained to CNN's Chris Cuomo on "Prime Time" Monday evening that the operation doesn't have a "chain of custody, and we don't have the requirements or regulations for these fake drop boxes as you do for the official drop boxes."

California Republican Party says it will not comply with state's cease and desist order on ballot drop boxes

With a sharp rebuke to the court, a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday tossed the criminal convictions against three former Pilot executives including ex-president Mark Hazelwood.

Appeals court tosses convictions against former Pilot president, 2 others


Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman died Monday morning “after a valiant fight against COVID-19,” the mayor’s office said.

Mayor of Tennessee city that hosts Bonnaroo dies of Covid-19 at 79

I have been to "The Factory" in Franklin a few times for concerts. Seems a little different, but similar to Kern's facility.

After a pandemic delay, developers reshaping the historic Kern's Bakery site in South Knoxville have signed the first two tenants for its 75,000-square-foot food hall and plan to begin construction in January.

Kern's Bakery developer snags two local, artisan brands for planned food hall

Oct 2 2020
08:56 pm

Watched interesting video on Freedom University in Georgia. It works to provide higher education to immigrants refused entry to public colleges and universities in Georgia. Interesting story.

Underground University

An Underground College for Undocumented Immigrants

For those in areas predicted to experience high intensity migration, this will be a great opportunity to experience nocturnal migration by listening at night to vocal birds in flight, watching birds fly past the face of the bright disk of the Moon (see this or this, among others), or by observing tomorrow morning for new arrival and departures

An estimated 583 million birds will take flight tonight


Nine months into 2020, Knox County is already seeing more suspected opioid deaths compared to all of last year. Just in September 2020, 26 people died of suspected overdoses in the county.

That brings the total so far this year to 260 people. In 2019, there were 259 suspected overdose deaths and 2020 still has three months left.

More people have died of suspected drug overdoses this year in Knox County than all of 2019 combined

U.S. businesses with COVID-19 outbreaks are facing an emerging legal threat from claims that workers brought coronavirus home and infected relatives, which one risk analysis firm said could cost employers billions of dollars.

The cases borrow elements from “take home” asbestos litigation and avoid caps on liability for workplace injuries, exposing business to costly pain and suffering damages, even though the plaintiff never set foot on their premises.

'Take home' lawsuits over COVID infections could be costly for U.S. employers

Sep 21 2020
04:56 pm

The Census Bureau estimates that nearly 98 million households have self-responded — around 66 percent of all U.S. households — with millions more reached by enumerators

The data submitted determine congressional seats and $1.5 trillion in aid, among other areas.

Meanwhile, Aldora, Georgia, which has a population of 103, has a 0 percent self-response rate. And Fontana Dam, North Carolina, a village known for its tourist-attracting resort, has a 0.9 percent completion rate among its 33 residents.

The states with the best and worst census response rates

Sep 19 2020
01:30 pm

To me, a mall structure seems like a natural for seniors communities. Indoor walking, small electric vehicle transport, wheelchair friendly, doctors offices, stores, restaurants, entertainment, etc. that cater primarily to seniors needs and wants, but some also used by general public. The populace is getting older.

Alternatively, mall developers say they're scouting for businesses other than retailers to replace shuttered stores, anything from schools to doctors offices and short and long-term storage facilities both for residential and commercial customers.

You might be surprised who's moving into those sad, abandoned malls

Sep 18 2020
04:47 pm

Is there a masks superstore of sorts in Knoxville?

Is there somewhere in Knoxville that you can get masks that the straps holding it on go behind the head?

All I can find wrap around the ears.

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