Aug 11 2020
12:43 am

Knoxville Chocolate Company has closed its downtown location

The other business which will not re-open is Myrtle’s Chicken + Beer.

Two Market Square Businesses Will Not Re-Open

Aug 6 2020
12:51 pm

The political ads I have seen are not very flattering to Tennessee in general. Regarding the candidates and the reflection on the perceived intellect and mentality of the electorate by the candidates and their campaign staff.

Tennessee GOP Senate primary sets up another establishment vs. insurgent battle

Tennessee Republicans battle to fill Lamar Alexander's Senate seat

Sheriff Tom Spangler with the Knox County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday he is deferring on enforcing the BOH's order, telling people to call the Knox County Health Department with concerns or complaints about bars not following the order at its (865) 215-5555 COVID-19 hotline.

Knox County sheriff: Call the health department if a bar violates the closure order

They seem to be looking in water for someone. Helicopters hovering over water. Just off Alcoa highway.

ED. UPDATE: Four people aboard, three rescued, one fatality. According to unconfirmed social media source, the helicopter was owned by the Claytons.

Aug 1 2020
12:20 am

Watching "Live at Lucille's" on PBS.

I really liked that place.

A day after a top official in Gov. Bill Lee's administration said Tennessee plans to withhold the number of COVID-19 cases in schools from the public, a spokesperson said the information will not even be collected by the state.

When Lee announced guidance for school reopenings on Tuesday, state Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey said Tennessee had no plans to provide the public with data on the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at schools as many return to in-person classes.

State won't collect, release data on coronavirus cases in Tennessee schools

Jul 25 2020
10:07 am

Per a press release, the “Save Our Stages Act” would provide six months of financial support to help “keep venues afloat, pay employees and preserve a critical economic sector for communities across America.” Independent music and entertainment venues have been among the hardest-hit businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Even as some portions of the economy begin to re-open, venues will likely remain closed for some time, as the coronavirus is believed to spread especially quickly in crowded indoor spaces.

Senators Introduce Bill to Fund Independent Venues Struggling During COVID-19

Save our Stages Act

I wonder if you could utilize the top level of parking garages somehow. Or maybe the top 2 levels.

Knoxville restaurants won't have to be limited by their patio space to provide safe outdoor seating thanks to a new city permit allowing businesses to expand into parking lots and other public spaces.

Knoxville allows restaurants to expand outdoor seating and wants owners to get creative

Jul 18 2020
09:02 am
By: jbr

Drove by old South High yesterday. Looked pretty good. At one time I thought it was destined to be torn down.

South High Senior Living

Jul 17 2020
11:57 pm

I liked this place but I have not been there in awhile.

Downtown Casual Pint to Permanently Close


In all, a New York Times analysis, based on research from Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School and other sources, counts nearly 70 environmental rules and regulations officially reversed, revoked or otherwise rolled back under Mr. Trump. More than 30 additional rollbacks are still in progress.

The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.

“This may be the single biggest giveaway to polluters in the past 40 years,” said Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental group that works to save endangered species.

President Trump rolls back major law protecting air, water, wildlife to speed big projects

Jul 15 2020
11:50 am

Metro Police say anyone who doesn’t follow the mask order will face a civil citation that could result in a $50 fine.

Nashville Police to start enforcing mask mandate

Bystanders told Knoxville Police that a group of male subjects fired around 20 to 30 rounds near the Cumberland Avenue and 19th Street intersection from a vehicle and then fled north on 19th around 2:40 a.m.

UT students thankful after bullets fly into Cumberland Avenue apartment

Jul 9 2020
02:25 pm

All of them ...

Assignee: The United States of America, as Represented by the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Patents by Inventor Anthony S. Fauci

This city, like so many others in the South, has the makings of a virus hot spot: It reopened quickly, there is little regard for masks and distancing, which studies show help mitigate the disease, and contact tracers have begun to lose threads on possible infections. Meanwhile, bars, restaurants, gyms, beauty parlors, pools and many other businesses have remained open despite a precipitous increase in coronavirus infections.

How Chattanooga, Tennessee, became a coronavirus hot spot

Beginning in August, the retailer is converting 160 of its US store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters.

The event will run through October and encompass more than 300 showings.

Walmart is transforming 160 of its parking lots into drive-in theaters

Jun 27 2020
02:34 pm

Lox Salon on Jackson Ave Is currently doing sidewalk donation haircuts and money goes to Second Harvest food bank. So if you need a haircut today ...


The bill's authors are Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

'Lawful access' bill would allow feds to legally bust into encrypted devices

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