Apr 29 2007
10:32 am
By: R. Neal

I forgot to mention it in time to remind you, but hope you got to see Rikki on WBIR's Inside Tennessee this AM. He was pinch hitting for Don Bosch. I only caught the last half, and Rikki had a great question about the immediate and long-term benefits expected from the restaurant smoking ban being discussed (not sure he got an answer).

The stormwater issue came up briefly at the end, and Rikki gently but effectively straightened out Susan Williams on the "it's just dirt" talking point. Nice job!

Cathy at Domestic Psychology was on last week talking about the school board's rezoning plan. She was great. She took some abuse from some of the panelists in my opinion, who suggested opposition was a bunch of complaining from people worried about their own situation without offering any solutions. She held her own, though. I would have told them that's why we have a school board and administrators and a school system that costs millions -- to figure this stuff out. She was more diplomatic.

(I wish WBIR would put these online. The show is barely even mentioned on their website. KAG gets no respect for producing a great show!)

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Becker's the Diff

(I wish WBIR would put these online. The show is barely even mentioned on their website. KAG gets no respect for a great show!)

The addition of anchor John Becker has done wonders for the professionalism of WBIR-TV's news. It's always been an easy watch, but Becker has added meat. -- s.

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love that dirty water

Thanks, Randy. KAG and Mr. Becker told me the show would be available online, but I'll be damned if I can find it. That is strange that Inside Tennessee is not mentioned on I bet my Mom has been refreshing their home page all day waiting for it to appear.

I missed a prime opportunity to give an example of a creature to whom mud is toxic -- the hellbender!

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Try this:


Courtesy of #9

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10 News2 rebroadcasting, too.

The replay just came on on the news replay channel 10News2 at 5:30. May play again later.


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Well I don't know who looked at this today to make it "popular"

But we all watched it, cried a little and recalled that we rarely ever saw him in a shirt that nice! Thanks Betty for the YouTube link you posted 7 years ago.

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You're so welcome, Mike. Made

You're so welcome, Mike.
Made me cry, too.

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Cruisin the you-tubes


This popped up as well. It's very easy to see why this man is revered. Based on our correspondence , he already had my respect.

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The original

Mike Knapp's picture


Bob and Randy for posting the link and info. My boys (7&4) didn't recognize the guy without a beard and pony tail!

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