Jul 5 2006
09:15 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

WATE's Gene Patterson outs a troll at his blog. He is also soliciting viewer input on how to make local teevee news better (which appears to be the genesis of the troll dustup).

Somewhat related, KNS editor Jack McElroy explains that newspapers are in business to make money and that they are selling what people are buying. I'm not sure which is sadder -- what they are selling, or the fact that there's a demand for it.

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I went there expecting to see Tom Neven of Focus on the Family exposed yet again.

 *Kicks desk*

 Not fair.

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I reviewed this troll's

I reviewed this troll's posts just enough to find out what his political stripe is.  Surprise Wink , he's a straw man liberal basher.  I bet you couldn't have seen that coming!



Never has the left been so right.

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Your Hub

The KNS's annoys me to no end!!!!! The kids are cute, but it seems more like something that would be in a small community paper. Stacey

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