Apr 5 2006
07:32 am

Local media is reporting that The Tennessee Supreme Court is scheduled to decide today if it will "reach down" and hear Herb Moncier's petition to delay the May 2 primary and apply term limits to all Knox County officials, including Sheriff Tim Hutchison. This could get even more interesting...

(My personal opinion is that the Tennessee Supreme Court should hear the case and make a ruling ASAP. This needs to be settled one way or another.)

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charter update


The Tennessee Supreme Court has reserved the option to decide which offices term limits apply to and when they go into effect. That is from a recent ruling from the court.

The ruling came in response to a motion filed last week by Knox County Trustee Mike Lowe. In it, he asked the Supreme Court not to consider to whom term limits apply. Lowe argues the question before the court is the charter's validity not a dispute over constitutional officers and term limits.

The Supreme Court denied the motion. Therefore it is possible the justices will decide the question after they decide whether Knox County's charter is valid.

"You've already had a local judge rule for a number of reasons this charter's not valid, and they will have to make a determination on that. If they do rule it's invalid, I'd be surprised if they rule on term limits," said Lowe.

The Tennessee Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on the Knox County charter case September sixth.

Herryn Herzog , Reporter
Last updated: 8/30/2006 9:01:21 PM

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Mike Lowe's whistling in the

Mike Lowe's whistling in the dark. The court has signaled that they intend to take up term limits, IMO.
Besides, he doesn't want another term as trustee, anyhow. It's common knowledge up at the courthouse that he's running for county mayor next time around. He's got two county commissioners on his payroll and a gaggle of operatives, to boot.
Once upon a time when he was a mere employee in the office of Trustee Bob Broome, Lowe was a staunch opponent of the longtime incumbent's brutal, old-school practices (forcing employees to pony up money for expensive "love" offerings for the boss, making them work in campaigns, rampant nepotism and favoritism). Soon as Lowe got the corner office, he became pretty much indistinguishable from what he professed to despise.
Go, term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go, term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But beaner,

What about your pretty little prince Shurf Tim? I know you don't want to see him go.

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I've always supported term

I've always supported term limits, not that it matters to me what some poster too chickenshit to use its name thinks.

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Not that anyone else cares, but my name is Steven Jenkins. I was born in Akron, Ohio and moved to Knoxville when I was 10. I have a dog that is 8 years old and I live in Fort Sanders. I enjoy ethnic cuisine and disc golf! Do you want to know anything else about me beaner? Speaking of chickenshit, I did not hear you voice your term limit opinion about the sheriff before the election. I wonder why?

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settle down, now

I could be wrong, but if I recall, I think Bean has spilled some ink in the Shopper about liking term limits a long time ago, as well as posts on this site. I don't think she's a johnny-come-lately on this.

But she's certainly capable of sticking up for herself, so I'm guessing she'll reply.

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no johnny-come-lately

Sure, everyone loves term limits. (Reference the 1994 vote) But I am talking about across the board, in other words "all elected officials". I have no doubt there are dozens of articles in the shopper about her being favorable toward term limits, but I bet you will be hard pressed to find one on why the Shurf should be limited. Someone prove me wrong here and I will eat my words...with soy sauce.

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You boys have left me way

You boys have left me way behind. Thanks, Wink, for your kind support. Hope you get a new gig soon. Querious, You're a dumbass troll and you have hijacked this discussion, so I guess that counts as success in your view. I support term limits for every elected official. Even members of Congress and the judiciary, and have written that repeatedly. Metulj, I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Metulj, you're full of it

Metulj, you're full of it (not necessarily in a bad way). I think you've still got your drawers in a twist because of a specific exchange between the two of us that's hardly worth remembering -- and I'm still mystified about those "other threads" you reference.
And, btw, I was born elsewere. Maybe that's howcome nobody pays any attention to anything I say :-)

And I still say Tennessee tomatoes are better than those sludge-raised Joisey thangs.

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Can SCOURT UpHold Term Limits and Affirm Weaver's Ruling?

I'd like to see term limits stretched from one end of the city county building to the other, with this group sworn in as their last term regardless of how many they have served.

Problem in the community is too many folks have found 'governin' as a source of employment, rather than getting off their rear end and doing something to make a living.

Bredesen - $1 a year.
Mayor Halsam - $1 a year
Mayor Ragsdale $120,000+ a year
Mike Arms - $120,000+ a year
John Werner - $120,000+ a year
Van Devate - $120,000+ a year

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Tisk Tisk...chill lady.

I support term limits for every elected official

Then say it. Copy and paste this and say it right now.

"I, Betty Bean, do agree that our Sheriff Tim Hutchison SHOULD BE Term limited."

I have my plate of word and soy sauce waiting. Dinner for two?


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This really IS the last time

This really IS the last time I'm answering your stupid troll ass, but, no, I 'agrees' that I will not copy and paste your idiotic, grammatically incorrect statement.

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Someone needs some beano

I did not think so. I won't stoop to calling you names or anything. I think everyone knows you and your two-bit rumor mill of a paper are a pet for the sheriff anyways. Biach!

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Something doesn't read right here.

I did not think so. I won't stoop to calling you names or anything. I think everyone knows you and your two-bit rumor mill of a paper are a pet for the sheriff anyways. Biach!

Just a second. Two-bit rumor mill? How anyone can call the Halls Shopper News a "two-bit rumor mill" is beyond belief.

Knoxquerious you have made it clear you don't like the sheriff. I think we got the message. So what do you suggest? Would you prefer a Sheriff under the control of the County Mayor?

I have not read your opinion of the School Board. Would you prefer a School Board under the control of the County Mayor?

Perhaps you would like to just cut to the chase. Should we all just surrender to Big Jim and become his loyal servants? It won't happen. That house of cards is trembling. Big Jim will be a fading memory after November. Corker will not pass muster and it is probable that criminal woes will confront the County Mayor. If so, the City Mayor will have a tough election next year.

This town has had wealthy powerful men in the past, they just didn't decide to try and run everything. The County Mayor reports to Big Jim. The publisher of the daily paper reports to Big Jim. God bless anyone with the guts to stand up against the machine.

I am beginning to have some suspicions on the validity of some commenters on KnoxViews. But I have never doubted Bean's sincerity. There is only one newspaper in this town that is worth a flying damn and that is the Halls Shopper News.

For those of you that are so quick to remove the Sheriff I would point out there is more to the argument than meets the eye. Why do you not have the same passion to remove the County Mayor? Why is it that he has immunity to break the law?

Do I detect the aroma of PR hacks close to the County Mayor spreading their ilk here? Something doesn't read right here.

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Your pretty perceptive there 9, I don't like the sheriff. Good job. I don't like the school board, I don't like the county mayor, I hate the Haslam could pretty much say I could care less for any politician or political machine. The shopper is just as biased as the Metro Pulse in my opinion also. So F the sheriff, F the mayor, F politicans, and if you think I am running an agenda for someone around here...then F you too my friend.

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Steve Jenkins - Troll boy

Let's see... Beanster brings thoughtful insight based on a host of contacts, Querious has yet to post anything of interest. I think he "hates" his own self.

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And the Sheriff

has a contract to have the crusiers gassed at PILOT. Does that mean that the Sheriff is owned by Big Jim also? Bean won't say it about the Sheriff. Wonder what else she won't say about the Sheriff or Mike Chase.

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And the Sheriff Submitted by

And the Sheriff
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2006/09/01 - 3:18pm.
has a contract to have the crusiers gassed at PILOT. Does that mean that the Sheriff is owned by Big Jim also? Bean won't say it about the Sheriff. Wonder what else she won't say about the Sheriff or Mike Chase.

I fail to see why Mike Chase gets pulled into this. Taxdale publically says he "doesn't care about causing parking problems for someone who makes barbque for a living" when he closed the city county parking garage, and then Taxdale goes on this tirade with the memo to county employees that they can't get reimbursed for going to any of Chase's restaurants as published in the Shopper. And then Taxdale and Werner explode publically at last Monday's county commission meeting when Scott Moore brings it up? Watch the meeting replay and listen to the explosion.

What you won't hear Bean say is that Arms, Van De Vate and Taxdale are honorable people throughout this entire debacle.

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I'm guessing you might see

I'm guessing you might see something in Monday's Shopper about all that. That would be the Shopper Ragsdale and crew were freaking out about at the commission meeting.

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it's the Shopper. Querious has pointed out that the reporter known as "gas filled Bean" has an agenda. How far does her agenda reach? Sheriff? Chase? Sandra Clark? Where else?

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it isn't just the Shopper

I thought the agenda was Taxdale trying the crush all opponents. Him getting caught wasn't part of the agenda.

I guess you'll say Frank Cagle has an 'agenda' now:


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