Jul 2 2006
07:07 pm

Michael Silence alerts us to this Georgiana Vines column. This is certainly an interesting development. (Especially Gray's characterization of Ragsdale et. al.)

It appears to be a case of someone getting smacked around for trying to fulfill his duty to promote principles of good government within his party. It seems some elected officials value personal interests and party politics above principles and good government. Sadly, Congress is full of people like this on both sides of the aisle. They aren't setting a very good example.

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The problem is bi-partisan

The problem is bi-partisan and the solution must be non-partisan. This transcends party. Our government has sanctioned anarchy. Our government has refused to obey the law. Term limits are the law.

Jim Gray has taken a moral and ethical stand. I hope his example will inspire those who are afraid, those who are unsure, and those who don't understand.

Is this a beginning?

Thank you for making a stand Jim.

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The chairman of the

The chairman of the Democratic party has got to support the Democratic candidates.  Jim Gray didn't feel he could do that.  So in good conscience he had to resign.  Good for him.

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When I read Ms. Vines article, I noticed that Mr. Tindell and Ms. Jordan were mentioned a lot. I also see where they both called party leaders about the issue Jim quit over. How often have they spoken to party leaders before this or even before the whole term limits issue came up?

Why should they claim the party when it only benifits them? I don't remember either being involved in anything with the party before the term limits issue came up.

Are these our "part time" democrats or will they stay blue and help build the party up to where it should be?

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I do believe both Tindell &

I do believe both Tindell & Jordan supported Haslam over Rogero.  (I'm sure about Jordan).  So they've got little room to bitch about other Dems not supporting them.

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