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We can hope.

We can hope.

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Sort of like in Blount County

Sort of like in Blount County where we elected the first African-American women to Blount County and City of Alcoa commissions.

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Maybe I am incorrect, but it

Maybe I am incorrect, but it seems as an area becomes more educated, generally it becomes less about the party. And frequently seems to be more Democrat in general.

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2018 midterms showed us America's Great Education Realignment

Before Election Day 2018, Republicans held 13 of the 40 congressional districts with the highest share of adults over 25 with a college degree.

After the midterms, however, that’s now down to just four. And if Rep. Mimi Walters in California ultimately loses her still-uncalled re-election race, as expected, it’ll be just three Republicans remaining. (Those three are Van Taylor, who succeeded Rep. Sam Johnson in Texas; Ann Wagner in Missouri; and Susan Brooks in Indiana.)

The 2018 midterms showed us America's Great Education Realignment

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The City is definitely

The City is definitely getting a lot more blue - a trend that's been out for several election cycles. The county is whole 'nother story.

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I might be wrong, but I

I might be wrong, but I thought in recent years the top 5 or 6 cities in Tennessee had a Democrat serving as mayor. Looking across Halls and Powell and Farragut and Gibbs etc. I cannot see them going blue in my lifetime or my children's lifetime. In recent elections long serving Democratic Judges were beaten badly in Knox County by unqualified Republicans. A Democrat cannot win outside of the city. A Republican that is a serial killer could win against a qualified Democrat in Knox County. We should not be given false hope by a few voters in the county. Knox County is Republican to the bone and will continue to be eaten up by the dumbass for years to come. I hope and pray that one day my Republican friends and family will see the light and vote Democratic. Rural voters will continue to vote against their interests and vote for Republicans. Eventually demographic trends will catch up with Republicans and it will be the beginning of the end for them. Maybe even sooner than later. Trump could be putting a nail in the Republican future. We will continue to have a two party system but the Republicans just might surprise us and fade out of relevance and a new party take their place..

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