May 30 2007
11:19 pm

Even tho I should have stopped being surprised long ago, two of these from the Bush administration in one day is too much.

First, the FDA announces it will "fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease."

Seems that one small company wants to test all its cows for mad cow. Larger companies object, because the smaller company could advertise its quality and they might be forced to test all their cows too in order to compete. Isn't that how the free market is supposed to work? (CBT, where are you?)

But no-oo, the Bush administration must protect the big guys from competition from a small business, although how the hell it can forbid somebody from testing its herd is a mystery to me (and apparently to the Federal district judge who first ruled for the meatpacker).

Then NASA Administrator Michael Griffen says that although global warming is a problem, it would be arrogant to try to address it. I can't even attempt to explain this one - as GR would say, read the whole thing.

And please just kill me now.

rikki's picture

Pelosi cocktail

please just kill me now

Sure, but don't impeach the criminal fucks. Let's all kill ourselves so Cheney and Rumsfeld can retire to the soft mattresses they deserve. It will all get sorted outed 75 years from now when the records they haven't destroyed get released for public inspection, and that should be good enough for anyone with merely partisan principles.

Yay for America, great beacon of freedom and justice! Resume shopping.

Andy Axel's picture

solve for n

51 + n = 2/3*(100)


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

Mello's picture

NPS, FDA and the Beef Lobby

What has the FDA got to do with the National Park Service?

It is a 71 billion dollar industry....


Factchecker's picture

Love the post. Hate what it says.

The Bushies have rendered the federal government worse than the way Republicans have criticized it for decades: corrupt, incompetent, and a huge waste. Not that I'm giving up hope. We must take it back.

Wayne's picture


"and the ones Sandy Berger didn't stuff down his pants." I'm sure glad he served some time for that one. Aren't you?

Rachel's picture

How the heck did Sandy

How the heck did Sandy Berger and his pants get into this thread?

Tess's picture

I'm guessing

Wayne was playing with his pants and thought of Sandy Berger

Eleanor A's picture

That Berger meme must be

That Berger meme must be making the rounds with the Republibot talking heads lately. I've heard it mentioned by a couple of GOPer friends (the two I can actually have measured, reasonable political conversations with)...

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