The more I am exposed to his face, the more irritated I get. Exposure to Lamar Alexander's goofy portrait has not made my heart grow fonder. I now want to throw darts at him, to smear something. His picture is simply ruining my morning cup of coffee. I don't know what it is, but I can't wait to get rid of his mugshot.

In answer to the DSCC question, "Are you ready for a new face?"

Yes, indeed I sure am.

Seriously though, I am glad to see people advertising here, and it is an affective ad. At this time, I would do almost anything to get rid of Alexander's face.

The ad should have read, "Contibute to us, and you'll no longer have to look at Lamar Alexander's face on the right side of your screen." Man, I bet the bucks would really start pouring in then...

SammySkull's picture

I'm sure if someone had

I'm sure if someone had asked he might have provided a slightly less unflattering picture, but then that would defeat the purpose of advertisers and media finding the worst possible picture of those against whom they are working.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


I was surprised he posed for that picture, without his dentures...


michael kaplan's picture

I met him once when he was

I met him once when he was president of UT. I tried to convince him to save the beautiful mission-style bungalow next to Hopecote that served for years as a studio for art thesis students. Shortly thereafter, the house was demolished for a gravel parking lot.

Rachel's picture

That's not just Lamar

UT has been tearing down historic houses through at least 6 administrations. They're still at it.

Maybe that could be their slogan - "destroying south Fort Sanders since 1970...."

R. Neal's picture

Only three more

Only three more days...

Click the ad, though, if you haven't already.

And by the way, who is going to run against Lamar?

Any more word from McWherter?

Hey, how about soon to be ex Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell?

knoxvegas99's picture


Aaaa-oooga! (I drive a very old car.)

Larry Van Guilder

Virgil Proudfoot's picture


While Lamar is far from the worst Republican in the Senate (that honor probably goes to Ted Stevens-R, Bridge to Nowhere), Lamar reminds me of the old business adage about rising to the level of one's incompetence. I think Lamar was in fact a reasonably good university president, but when George the First called him to DC to join his cabinet, I think he started failing upward and has been doing so ever since.

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