Sep 13 2019
09:56 am

"If the policy does not have a good amount of happiness index, if the policy is not every environment friendly, if the policy will not be able to ensure that it will result in the well-being of Bhutanese, that policy will never be approved in the country."

They measure nine key areas of happiness every five years -- psychological well-being, health, education, good governance, ecology, time use, community vitality, culture and living standards.

Meet the smoking-free, carbon-negative country that passes no law unless it improves citizens' well-being

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Cute. However, "It actually

Cute. However,

"It actually ranks 95th out of 156 countries in the 2019 World Happiness Report. Much of that has to do with the nation's poverty, and the challenges of bringing economic and social equity to a predominately agricultural society."

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