May 8 2020
06:56 pm

What do smartwatches have to do with covid19?

Here's the scoop-
Doctors use body temperature & blood oxygen levels as major indicators in diagnosing coronavirus. Guess what - many smartwatches (including Garmin, Apple, & Fitbit) can measure BOTH! Some can also do electrocardiograms, sleep apnea (directly related to blood oxygen), as well as what we usually expect - activity monitoring, pulse, etc.. My source of this info is Mayo Clinic. To be fair, these things are not 100% accurate but in many cases the instantaneous measurement is not as helpful as increases or decreases. I predict that once the media makes this more widely known, that by Christmas (or before) these devices will be selling like hotcakes! It's also helpful to know the time of day & date or maybe even the moon phase. Get 'em before they sell out.


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