Oct 17 2020
01:20 am

"The electoral college is so out of whack that it is theoretically possible that a candidate could be an electoral winner with only 17.56% of the popular vote", according to an analysis conducted by Charles Wessell, a mathematician at Gettysburg College." This is from Naples FloridaWeekly (scroll down to just below Key Dates schedule graphic).

Also see Math Horizons

You can download a .pdf at Gettysburg College

Hungarian mathematician George Pólya arrived at the same conclusion in 1961. The Polya online voting system is named for him.

BTW: DON'T do the math - your head may spontaneously combust!

Oct 5 2020
07:38 pm
By: BoB W.

Trump steps off Marine One on the front lawn after having said earlier "Don't be afraid of Coronavirus - don't let it rule your life". Donald: tell that to the families, friends, and associates of the 210,000+ people in the US (& the 1 MILLION+ people around the world) who have succumbed to the deadliest disease of our time. THEN, he walks up the WH steps, takes off his mask in defiance, & thumbs his nose to America. Deplorable.

Speaking on CNN, Jonathan S. Reiner, MD (professor of medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center) said that he "...expected him to hold up a Bible".

Typical Trump grandstanding.

There oughta be a law... but, if there were, 45 would just have the Supreme Court "fix it"

He just makes me so damn MAD!

Oct 2 2020
04:10 am

CNN announced at about 1AM that Trump & FLOTUS have tested positive for COVID19. Their testing ensued after his close contact with his aide Hope Hicks who tested positive & is said to be quarantined at home with noticeable symptoms.

For the sake of continuity of concerns of national interest, I surely hope that he will not have serious effects of the deadly disease.

Some reporters on CNN say that this could be a perilous (my word - not theirs) national security concern. Trump has stated that he & Melania will quarantine.

No word yet as to where Pence is, whether he's been tested, or if he is even aware of any potential contingency plans for the distinct possibility that 45 may not be able to run the affairs of his office. One thing you can bet on is that Pence is WORRIED!

Things are getting increasingly complicated - may heaven help us all.

Aug 21 2020
01:36 pm
By: BoB W.

CNBC reports that Republican pollster Frank Luntz lauded Mr.Biden's DNC acceptance speech noting that it was "very strong on unity" and that he's in a "strong position compared to Trump". Frank also posits that "I do believe that Joe Biden is ahead with a 7.6 percentage point lead over Trump". The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment on Luntz’s interview. Duh - wonder why!

You go Joe!

I desperately hope that Luntz gave a veracious evaluation of the situation. Otherwise, if Trump manages to be reelected, it could possibly be the final days of the "UNITED" States. It would surely be good for this country to once again, be respected by other nations. Across the 10 European countries, views of the U.S. tilt toward the negative (a median of 43% favorable vs. 52% unfavorable) as reported by the Pew Research Center.

May 17 2020
11:31 am

As many people want to force our current state of affairs into their mold of everything is OK now & we can return to normalcy, the covid deaths increase each day.

Here's a metric that maybe they should consider:

As of today, the U.S. death toll is already 50% higher than the number of people who perished in the Vietnam War! With much sadness, I say that normalcy is in the somewhat distant future - not now.

May 8 2020
07:56 pm

What do smartwatches have to do with covid19?

Here's the scoop-
Doctors use body temperature & blood oxygen levels as major indicators in diagnosing coronavirus. Guess what - many smartwatches (including Garmin, Apple, & Fitbit) can measure BOTH! Some can also do electrocardiograms, sleep apnea (directly related to blood oxygen), as well as what we usually expect - activity monitoring, pulse, etc.. My source of this info is Mayo Clinic. To be fair, these things are not 100% accurate but in many cases the instantaneous measurement is not as helpful as increases or decreases. I predict that once the media makes this more widely known, that by Christmas (or before) these devices will be selling like hotcakes! It's also helpful to know the time of day & date or maybe even the moon phase. Get 'em before they sell out.

Apr 30 2020
06:31 pm

An article in the Tennessean criticizes Gov. Lee & Trump for being too slow to respond to coronavirus & says that Lee "should have listened to front-line health experts and taken aggressive measures weeks before".

All about the Benjamins? What do you think?

Apr 7 2020
12:31 am

There are many theories as to where Covid-19 started. There seems to be evidence that it originated in BATS. LINK

Yes, those creepy nocturnal rabies ridden flying mammals that may have wing spans of over 5 feet. To be fair, they do help to control the insect population, but if they're around I always have a crucifix in case they morph into vampires. Once again, CREEPY!

Apr 1 2020
09:43 pm

CNN reports that "Lee said Monday that he was not issuing a mandated shelter in place order because it is "deeply important to me" to protect personal liberties."


What good is liberty without life!

To Lee: wake up & smell the coffee!

Mar 31 2020
12:23 am

Kincannon has already appropriated $100,000 & says there's more to come. I applaud this effort.


Jan 1 2020
11:15 pm

Happy New Year to you bizgrrl!

Jan 2 2014
01:53 pm
By: BoB W.

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