May 15 2017
10:59 am

Kim Trent_cropped.jpgIn recognition of National Historic Preservation Month, Knox County Public Library invites the public to join Kim Trent for a discussion of Past and Future City: How Historic Preservation is Reviving America’s Communities by Stephanie Meek and Kevin C. Murphy, Wednesday, May 24, noon to 1:00 in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium. Books Sandwiched In is sponsored by the Friends of Knox County Public Library. Attendees may bring lunch. Drinks are available to purchase.

As Executive Director of Knox Heritage, the non-profit, historic preservation organization that serves the 16-county east Tennessee region, Trent is tuned into the benefits of historic preservation. “Knoxville is now reaping the rewards from the investments in preservation we have made over the last 25 years and is nationally recognized for the preservation-based renaissance we're experiencing in our historic downtown and neighborhoods,” Trent said. “The Past and Future City affirms many of the lessons we've learned here and provides a road map to navigate the challenges still ahead.”

pastfuturecity.jpgKim Trent has worked in preservation professionally and as a community volunteer and advocate at the local, state and national level for 23 years and is a proponent of preservation-based community and economic development. She is a native of Mobile, Alabama, a graduate of the University of Alabama and has two children, Spencer and Katherine.

“Stephanie Meeks makes a compelling case for creating great cities through historic preservation and she shares strategies that can guide us along the way,” Trent said. “She also addresses the challenges we all face in preservation since the work touches on so many aspects of our communities - history, economics, urban planning, diversity, transportation, affordable housing, sustainability, architecture, real estate, and government among many others. But for those who value history, architecture and sustainable communities, the rewards are definitely worth the struggle and make success all the sweeter and more meaningful.”

Book Sandwiched In will continue on June 28, when Dr. Todd Freeberg, UT Department of Psychology, leads a discussion of Beyond Words: How Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina.


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