May 15 2017
10:59 am

Kim Trent_cropped.jpgIn recognition of National Historic Preservation Month, Knox County Public Library invites the public to join Kim Trent for a discussion of Past and Future City: How Historic Preservation is Reviving America’s Communities by Stephanie Meek and Kevin C. Murphy, Wednesday, May 24, noon to 1:00 in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium. Books Sandwiched In is sponsored by the Friends of Knox County Public Library. Attendees may bring lunch. Drinks are available to purchase.


Nov 8 2016
03:45 pm

large_freespeech.jpgKnox County Public Library invites the public to join Dr. Stuart Brotman, Distinguished Endowed Professor, UT School of Journalism and Electronic Media, for a discussion of Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World by Timothy Garton Ash, Wednesday, November 16, noon to 1:00 pm in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium, 601 South Gay Street. Books Sandwiched In is a series sponsored by the Friends of Knox County Public Library.

“Today, there is a great power struggle over the shape, terms and limits of global freedom of expression that is raging around us--both inside the smartphones in our pockets and inside our heads,” Brotman said.


Feb 15 2016
09:07 pm

large_renee-hoyos.jpgJoin Renée Hoyos, Executive Director of the Tennessee Clean Water Network, for a discussion of Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming by Bjørn Lomborg noon to 1:00 on Wednesday, February 17 in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium at 601 South Gay Street.

In Cool It!, Lomborg takes a conservative approach to climate change, arguing that many of the elaborate and staggeringly expensive actions now being considered to meet the challenges of global warming ultimately will have little impact on the world’s temperature. He suggests that rather than focusing on ineffective solutions that will cost us trillions of dollars over the coming decades,


Please mark your calendar for Knox County Public Library's Books Sandwiched In which will be a week later in the month, the 4th Wednesday, October 28th. Knox County Public Defender Mark Stephens will discuss Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson. More details later.

May 28 2015
03:30 pm

medium_KCPL_logo_color (1)_0.png
You could be this week's Know Knox Trivia Contest winner! This challenge is brought to you by Knox County Public Library and sponsored by Friends of Knox County Public Library.

Find out how much you know about Knoxville’s local literati! If you win, you can enjoy bragging rights and a modest but marvelous prize. Plus entry in the grand prize drawing which is far less modest!

A question will be posted each week from 1:00 pm, Wednesday through 1:00 pm, Friday, through July 31st. Follow this link:
Know Knox Trivia Question

Sep 17 2013
09:16 am

chad_hellwincke2.jpg Tomorrow Knoxville Permaculture Guild founder and UT research assistant professor Chad Hellwinckel will be talking about The One Straw Revolution by Masonobu Fukuoka at Books Sandwiched In, 12:00 to 1:00 pm in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium.

Books Sandwiched is is sponsored by Knox County Public Library and the City of Knoxville.

Book blurbs:


Oct 27 2011
04:23 pm

If you love your public library, please take a few minutes to watch a documentary about its history. Made by Doug Mills of the Heartland Series, and narrated by Bill Landry, it is a wonderful telling of our story. Many thanks to Bradley Reeves for uncovering some wonderful vintage footage from the WBIR News Archives and TAMIS. It covers a lot in only 10 minutes.

Go here: (link...) and scroll down to the bottom. Enjoy!

Jun 14 2011
02:07 pm

In the summary of the book Frank Cagle will be talking about tomorrow (The Bridge at the Edge of the World), the author James Gustave Speth says that people like to say that it is a mistake to emphasize the gloom and doom of an issue because being positive is more motivating (Martin Luther King did not say, "I have a nightmare!"). Speth's response is that King did not need to say he had a nightmare because his people were living one. Speth says that instead we are living a dream and need to be reminded of the nightmare ahead if we do not change our ways.

The book proposes a transformation of our economic system so that it and the environment get along better. I am looking forward to hearing Mr. Cagle's talk.

12 noon in the East Tenn History Center auditorium.

Sep 29 2010
11:09 am

Madeline Rogero will be talking about a book called Green Metropolis by David Owen at 12 noon at the East Tennessee History Center, 601 South Gay. This book argues that city dwellers are greener than country dwellers because they drive less, share walls, etc. The author uses NYC as an example and so the question is, how does Knoxville compare? This event is sponsored by Knox County Public Library and the City of Knoxville. Should be a good talk and discussion.


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