Mar 5 2019
03:18 pm

The Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriott is set to open in the next few weeks on West Church Avenue. The new Embassy Suites on Gay Street is deep into construction with completion expected within the year. Also in the works is a potential Aloft hotel on the only empty parcel on Gay Street next to Mast General Store, as well as a mixed-use development that could include a hotel at the former Supreme Court site on Henley Street.

There are 600 new hotel rooms in the pipeline downtown. Is that too many?

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Don't know if 600 is too many

Don't know if 600 is too many new hotel rooms. But, the new Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriott is pet friendly as is the fairly new Hyatt Place. Yeah!

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So why would a dog want to

So why would a dog want to stay in a downtown hotel? Seems like a pretty unnatural environment for them.

bizgrrl's picture

For downtown Knoxville it may

For downtown Knoxville it may be unnatural since there is so little green space. We have traveled all across the country with our dog. We will stay a night or two in a location similar to downtown Knoxville, with our dog. The Hyatt Place is great for someone traveling with a dog since Krutch Park is so close and there are plenty of places to dine outside with your dog. In addition, quite a few of the downtown stores allow you to bring in your dog (Bliss, Earth to Old City, Mast). The Residence Inn won't be too far from the action.

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600 new rooms, four in a

600 new rooms, four in a room, could house the entire homeless population of Knoxville.


2400 rooms, 7' x 7' each, with communal toilets and showers, would also house the entire homeless population.

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That's a fantastic idea

Let's just put a homeless shelter right in the middle of Gay Street.

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