Nov 15 2010
05:36 pm

No, this logo is not made up. It's really what they planned to use.

Remember Total Information Awareness? That was a scheme by defense and intelligence agencies to capture all electronic voice and data communication and analyze it using infobots, more or less.

As it turns out, taxpayers didn't need to spend billions on it at all. Kids in Sillycon Valley are doing it for them for free.

We used to talk about the "digital divide" between rural and underserved communities v. the rest of the broadband-enable world. Now the digital divide is really a generational divide between younger generations raised in an electronic world of interconnected information who have no problem giving up their privacy to stay connected v. us cranky old geezers who just want to be left alone.

RELATED: Privacy is the new online currency: The problem with buying things with your privacy is you really don't know how much you're paying. With money, five bucks is five bucks.

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This sends a shiver up my

This sends a shiver up my spine. The fiction of 1984 is coming true, slowly.

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I fondly recall the good old

I fondly recall the good old days when geeks everywhere threatened armed revolt at Intel's proposal to include a uniquely identifiable serial number in every CPU that could be embedded in every TCP/IP message header.

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P4, right?

P4, right?

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See also: CALEA

See also: CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act).

Between this, Facebook, and the porno scanners going in at every airport in the country, you have to ask what privacy - or being "secure in [our] persons" - really means anymore.

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"The tech industry is a

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