May 29 2007
07:49 am

From the NYT:

"When the battle was over, Delta Company learned that among the enemy dead were at least two Iraqi Army soldiers that American forces had helped train and arm.

Captain Rogers admits, “The 29th was a watershed moment in a negative sense, because the Iraqi Army would not fight with us,” adding, “Some actually picked up weapons and fought against us.”

This really ticks me off. I think that too many men in the Iraqi Army are torn between their loyalty to the idea of ridding their homeland of occupiers and the paycheck the occupiers hand them. They also appreciate the guns and training they get and the power.

The fact that we are arming and training men who are not loyal to us, seems like the worst kind of folly. Reports of this have been circulating ever since the war began, but they get little press.

Whenever anyone suggests being against the war is being against the troops, I suggest they take a look at exactly what is happening to the troops. The troops are becoming disenchanted. Wouldn't you if you were expecting guys to fight alongside you with passion and then you discover they're not? Instead, they are using the weapons and the training your country has given them to attack you.

It's a stupid war that grows more stupid with each passing day, but at least the troops are beginning to speak out about the problems.

The best way to support the troops is to applaud the ones that offer reasonable and honest portraits of life on the ground. They are brave men and women and they deserve to have their say. Maybe instead of hauling out generals chosen by Bush, the Congress ought to hold hearings that involve our troops. What is their vision? What are their problems? Do they still think they are fighting for a just and winnable cause?

Or do they feel like they are being used.


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