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Probably better to keep

Heh. Indeed. But maybe it's better to keep quiet and have your supporters say stuff like this on your behalf:


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now is not the time....

....for an issues page! Why, oh why, would you want to take a stance on something? You might offend/put-off a potential voter...

....on the other hand...you might build on your base if you take a stance. But then again, red state or at least more red people vote, so why piss off irritate either colored voter until after the primaries?

The end game is getting elected; why play hard while you’re warming up?

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You know

Some people actually base votes and party affiliation on, I don't know, trivial things like ethics, or a closely-held sense of right and wrong.

Seems to me like anything else is the worst sort of appealing to folks' most base instincts.

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