Jun 26 2006
09:57 am

Thanks to all our contributors who took up the slack during my absence last week, and for all the kind notes. It looks like there was a lot going on, and I'm still catching up. Here's what I have learned so far:

The Iraq invasion and occupation took center stage, not out of concern for our soldiers or the people of Iraq, but instead out of concern for politician's own careers. The GOP again accused Democrats of being cowards who cut and run, while at the same time Senate Republicans supported amnesty for terrorists who killed American soldiers and Bush and his top generals discussed plans for withdrawing troops conveniently just in time for the November elections. Oh, and Rick Santorum found the WMDs and there was much rejoicing at Fox News, while the New York Times will be hung for treason in order to protect Dick Cheney's access to your banking records.

This stuff is beyond absurd. At any rate, the GOP is desperate for an issue to run on in November. Gay bashing and concentration camps for immigrants didn't get much traction, so it's back to the War on Terror and the invasion of Iraq which highlight the GOP's failed policies and astonishing incompetence. They are riding a one trick pony, and the pony has pulled up lame. Democrats can't decide whether to cower in the face of this brilliant plan or order out for lunch. On the plus side, Osama has not burned any American flags while presiding over the marriage of gay terrorists on the Capitol steps this week, and as far as I know no Korean ICBMs hit any surfers in Malibu. So there's that.

Around Knox Vegas, the charter issue took new twists and turns. An assortment of characters joined in the fray, including a commissioner who was against the charter before he was for it, pornographers and strippers, a federal judge, three dancing bears, and seventeen clowns piling out of a VW Beetle waving petitions for declaratory judgment of injunctive relief.

Around the blogosphere, I see that some guy calling himself DailyKos has taken over the Democratic Party and is now calling the shots. And "liberal bloggers" are supposed to bow to the dark overlord of the internets and do his bidding, prompting one prominent moonbat to hang up his spurs. Apparently, us D-list bloggers didn't get the memo, but I guess I'll submit graciously to his leadership as instructed. Right after I put on pants.

redmondkr's picture

. . . . the GOP is desperate

. . . . the GOP is desperate for an issue to run on in November.

I expect the Republican strategy this fall to be based on the same theme they used in 2004.  As Al Franken wrote in The Truth (with Jokes), it will be “Fears, Smears, and Queers”.

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You didn't get the Kos let...?

[This comment redacted on the strict orders of Generalissimo Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. All hail Kos.]


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