Jul 5 2006
11:01 am
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I may watch WVLT for 10-15 minutes during the morning while I am getting ready for work. I almost never watch the evening or late night news cast. I mostly use the internet for information.

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From what I remember, Channel 6 is a bit too sensationalist, Channel 10 is a bit too folksy, and Channel 8 is a bit too... something. But I'd take any of them over nothing, which is what I have now.

As I said in an email to all three local news providers, I would watch any of them if they podcasted their content. I realize that I am the exception since I am a Knoxville expat, but it still would be nice to download today's news. I have to give some credit though to WBIR for at least podcasting SOME of their stuff, although it isn't really the news that gets podcasted.

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Channel 6 is a bit too

Channel 6 is a bit too sensationalist, Channel 10 is a bit too folksy, and Channel 8 is a bit too... something.

Yup.  (And I think the last word you may be looking for is "inept.")  Which is why I tend to flip back & forth between WATE & WBIR, with an occasional side trip to WVLT.

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I totally do the same thing, flip through all three. I used to get into 6 but when Don Dare started investigating locker room fungus it was a turn off. I like Bill Williams better thanh Hall or Wilhoit, but 10's folksy commercials and time spent on Schwall and Heartland is a bit much. On WVLT even the long-time folks stammer over words....I don't have cable, so I watch. Stacey

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The 6 O'clock Switch

When it comes to watching the news at night I try to obtain everybodies perspective on what happens during the day.  To do this it takes some fancy remote control work in that I try to flip between WVLT and WATE during the "live" airing of the program at 6 p.m.  While I switch over to 10 News 2 to watch the 6 O'clock program of WBIR at 630 or after the national news goes off. 

 I believe that each program has its moments of brilliance, but I tend to like WBIR better, especially when Bill Williams is leading the program.  It was tragic when he decided to leave in the first place. 

 No program will ever have all of the news, and no two programs will have the same view on a story.  Best to have all sides of the story prior to forming your own opinion. 

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