Aug 31 2011
10:00 pm

President Obama announced he was calling to order a Special Session of Congress, for September 7, to announce a new and extensive JOBS Plan. But Wait! Speaker Boehner said that would not be possible. The President was told he would have to pick 'another date' because it was just not convenient for the House to appear on September 7th. And the reason: The GOP and the TEA bag Party had already scheduled another of their enlightening candidate debates for that evening!

Besides the scheduled debate, well some of his members hadn't returned from their long vacations yet and they would just be too busy to listen to the President.

I think I am correct when I say that this would be the 19th JOBS bill presented to Congress in the last 2 1/2 years from this Administration...bills that are laying on the desks of these elected representatives of the people who have failed to act on any of them.

And I heard today that some Congressional Reps have been whining lately that they need more money to do their jobs. And so far, these Representatives have done NOTHING to help America recover from the Debt ceiling increases and debt from the last 4 GOP Presidents. Plus Eric Cantor is wanting to hold hostage the victims of Hurricane Irene until he gets more cuts from social programs and he even wants to cut funding for FEMA!

I am definitely going to be marching and protesting tomorrow. Our two Senators and Duncan have done nothing either...nothing to help Tennessee or the American people. They do not bother to read their mail, answer their phones, or bother to respond except form letters. And they even claim that most of the petitions sent to their offices are 'supportive' of their refusal to do anything for Tennessee!

I hope some of you can join us...Jobs for Justice, and members of several local Unions. We, the people, deserve more than this apparent hatred of the middle class and the unemployed in this country. We deserve more than millionaires representing us in Washington, who want to NOT create jobs or tax their rich buddies. Come join us tomorrow.

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Marching where?

Marching where?

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Our usual spot

At the intersection of Market and Cumberland, right outside their offices; sorry I forgot that detail.

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Scam Alert

I received an unsettling telephone call this morning. A man with a Latino accent (B vs V pronunciation issue) informed me that he was a DEA agent and that I was going to be arrested shortly for purchasing illegal drugs over the Internet. Initially, his spiel was good. When I asked what this meant, he informed me that I would be spending the weekend in jail and that my life and reputation would be destroyed, etc. A few minutes later the same man called back and informed me that the charges originated in the Dominican Republic and that the DEA was not really interested in processing a Dom. Rep. warrant, but that he had made arrangements for all this to go away if I wired $2800 via Western Union to the District Attorney in Bani, Dom. Rep. within the next hour and 50 minutes. I checked the name, and the only match associated with Bani was a baseball player from a few years back. While I was checking all this out, I received a third call from the "Fines Section" of the DEA. I think I repaid my initial shock to this imposter when I told him that I had decided to go to the DEA office downtown to turn myself in. After a bit of sputtering, he hung up on me. The numbers associated with these calls were 443-957-4654 (MD), 510-725-4757 and 562-472-0252 (CA). All have been listed on Internet scam sites as being connected to a similar scam. There is more information about the scam on the website.

The real DEA said a person would only find out that they were interested in that person when they tapped him on the shoulder.

I thought the readers may be interested in this as a warning or for its entertainment value.

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The problem is that the

The problem is that the debate was already scheduled and out of simple respect the White House should not have scheduled that. That is not proper protocol and it didn't make the White House look good.


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Then again, there are three

Then again, there are three Republican presidential primary debates scheduled in September, at least three already have occurred, and there are no less than four more currently on the docket for October through December of this year, with still more to come after that. So these debates aren't exactly rare occurrences, and thus far I'm betting they haven't been burning up the Nielsen ratings with them.

Meanwhile, during what everyone agrees is a rough time for the economy, the actual sitting President of the United States wants to give an address on job creation to a joint session of Congress on the first opportunity for them to be back in session. Seems to me like the president maybe has more important things to do than schedule himself around the opposition party's early travelling three-ring nomination circus.

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