Jan 31 2006
10:54 am

The local war on porn (covered before here) has had its first terrorist attack:

A man armed with a rifle and gasoline set fire to an adult novelty store early this morning, authorities said.

Shortly after 4 a.m. the man walked into the 24-hour Town and Country Book Den, 7011 Clinton Hwy. and began pouring out gasoline and setting fires, according to the store clerk.


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What a whacko indeed. The

What a whacko indeed. The owners should tear down the building, and this time make it twice as big, with twice the inventory.

Also, I hope this guy goes to jail and discovers true lovin for his fellow man. That would be such a happy ending.


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I love the rationale that

I love the rationale that burning people alive is somehow above watching porn. If people who sell or purchase pornography are considered degenerates, what does that make someone who would attempt to kill and mame people?

More of a danger to society than 10,000 adult bookstores, I'd say.

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"mame"? I've got show tunes

"mame"? I've got show tunes on the brain, I guess.

"maim", of course. Duh.

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That's a large assumption

Remember that we have recently had three new adult bookstores move into the area. Is it possible that this is part of an underground war among them?

Stranger things have happened. About 25 years ago a plot to blow up the Classic Cat strip club in Nashville was foiled, and ultimately the bomber was determined to be the owner of some strip clubs in Memphis who was warring with his former partner who owned the Nashville club. In 1996 in Nashville two sex-workers in a massage parlour were murdered in what may have been a war between Korean and non-Korean massage parlour owners there (almost all of Nashville's massage parlours have since been closed.)

So don't discount the possibility that this is about money, not "morality."

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Could be. But if I were a

Could be. But if I were a betting man i'd pick the former. 

--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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