Apr 11 2019
10:55 am

After reading the columns about our Democratic PARTY, I do not agree with Victor Ashe or Georgianna Vines. We most certainly have a wonderful Candidate for United State Senate and he is more than qualified...and DETERMINED to win a seat in the U.S. Senate.

I have supported him for a long time...even when BREDESEN got in his way ! He is an Attorney in Nashville...who closed his law office there in Nashville..after 9/11 and joined the ARMY and was trained as a helicopter pilot, flying many missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was then appointed as a JAG officer where he served for 5 years, then came home and decided to run for U.S. Senate. (He is still serving his country as a member of the TN Air National Guard!) He is married, and he and his wife have two small children. He has the determination and courage to serve his country again in the Senate. He does not accept PAC money and is now working to meet with voters across the State. I was privileged to attend his FIRST HOUSE PARTY in Farragut last weekend ! He has the support of Gloria and Mark Harmon and many others ! I believe him when he says HE WILL NOT QUIT as he has a platform to make the lives better for all our people.
HOW YOU ALL would like to help ! I am connecting him with County Parties, and LaKenya Middlebrook is the new KCDP Chair, so I hope he will be invited to many events here in the Knoxville/Knox County. THIS CAN HAPPEN if WE COME TOGETHER !
HE HAS a page about his Campaign and agenda on FACEBOOK !

NOW YOU KNOW...tell your friends and family about this U.S. Veteran who wants to stand up for ALL Tennesseans !

Mary L. Wilson
member of James Mackler's Campaign for U.S. Senate !

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I agree he is a great

I agree he is a great candidate. Maybe the TNDP will let him run this time :)

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I had the opportunity to

I had the opportunity to speak with Mackler when he was running for the seat Corker had held. I like him. He is nowhere near as Progressive as I am, at least publicly, but he is smart and personable and dedicated to the nation.

Now, smart and dedicated to the nation appear to no longer be considerations of the reich-wing given Blackburn and Trump but they may not be deal breakers. I agree that the TDP should turn him loose and give him all the support they can.

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Democrats should really spend

Democrats should really spend a load of $$$ on trying to win that seat.

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Mackler would be a great

Mackler would be a great candidate in a Blue or Purple state. In a state where people actually voted for a candidate that represented their interests, Mackler would be a strong candidate. In a state where Marsha Blackburn easily won a Senate election, he does not have a chance. Any reasonable person that knows the facts understands that Blackburn is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator. She is a nut case! Tennessee voters voted against their interests in electing Blackburn. Democrats should take that load of money and spend it winning Senate seats from Collins in Maine, Cory Gardner in Colorado, Tillis in N.C., McSally in AZ, and maybe Daines in Mont.(if they can get Gov. Bullock to challenge him). No amount of money is going to be able to persuade the majority of Tennessee voters to elect a qualified Democrat. Fox News and their church probably could, if they tried, but that is not going to happen. We are stuck for probably at least a generation with the likes of Marsha.

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definitely spending a lot of money. 18 months out. 67 percent burn rate in Q1.

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