Feb 7 2021
07:44 pm
By: michael kaplan

Updated 02 February


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They've added more

They've added more states/jurisdictions.

"The new Walgreens vaccination sites are in addition to the 17 already provided in other states and jurisdictions, including Arkansas, California (select counties), Connecticut, Chicago, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa (select counties), Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, New York City, Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Texas."

What's going on in Tennessee? Haven’t seen any recent announcements locally.

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What's going on in Tennessee?

What's going on in Tennessee?

I just asked that question of Tim Burchett ...

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As of 8:30 this morning: "no appointments, no waiting list."

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KCHD is focusing its efforts this week on giving second doses to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities who live in group homes. They usually get notice of new shipments from the state midweek and will likely open it back up to people in the designated populations then.

The Walgreens thing is a federal decision. Walgreens and CVS have been administering vaccine to nursing home and other long-term care facility residents and staff locally under a federal program not directly connected with local efforts.

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Thanks for the info. Is there

Thanks for the info.

Is there anywhere we can see what is going on with vaccines in our area? Such as your mention of second doses and receipt of shipments and status of who will get what when...

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Not in Knox County. The

Not in Knox County. The Health Department announces when it gets shipments (they usually find out one day ahead of time), where and when the next events will be, when appointments can be made, etc., but it's only for the vaccine KCHD receives and administers.

It's up to the hospitals and other providers that have begun offering vaccine to the general public on a limited basis to get the word out about their events.

I asked KCHD if there were plans to create an online clearinghouse where all providers could post information about their vaccine efforts in one place. The response was, "No, but that's a good idea." I don't know if it will happen.

Walgreens, CVS and others will be administering vaccine to the general public at some point. It all depends on the amount of vaccine in the pipeline. The locals are at the mercy of the state when it comes to supply, and the state is at the mercy of the feds.

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Thanks for your information.

Thanks for your information.

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There should be a formal

There should be a formal waiting list, as in other states. I'd like to know I was, say, 7,101 on the list ...

It's a no-brainer.

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In the works

KCHD is working with the Knox County IT department to develop an appointment-setting program that will include a waiting list. It should be ready any day now, according to KCHD.

It's not as easy as assigning a number to a name. Each person has to get two appointments, each of them a certain number of days apart (a span of time that can be different, depending on which vaccine is available). And because vaccine distribution is phased, each person will have to supply their age, occupation, relevant medical conditions and more, which the system would then use to determine a person's eligibility for a particular cohort.

Most cohorts are not even eligible at the moment. For example, I could be the first person to log onto the new system but I won't be eligible to get a vaccine until late spring or summer. I might be able to get on the list but I might not because I'm not eligible and no one knows when my cohort will get its turn. There has to be a way for the system to keep me from getting the first slot.

KCHD also needs functions behind the scenes to help planning and coordination. And it all needs to be protected because of HIPAA and other privacy concerns.

It's a pretty complicated undertaking, at least in my estimation, especially since three months ago no one knew when vaccines would be available at all.

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three months ago no one knew

three months ago no one knew when vaccines would be available at all

Setting up a logistical system for vaccinating has nothing to do with knowing precisely when vaccines would be available. Trump himself was promising a roll-out by the end of 2020. Nearly everyone I know my age in other states has already been vaccinated. I'm talking New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Nevada.

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Davidson County is using a

Davidson County is using a HIPAA compliant system originally developed at Vanderbilt that is now used worldwide. The state could have made this available statewide, but no. They instead directed counties (including Knox) to some random site formerly used for potlucks and bridal showers.



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Which is one reason Knox

Which is one reason Knox County is developing its own system. I'm not not saying the feds or the state couldn't have done a better job. I'm not even saying Knox County couldn't do better (though KCHD administers vaccines as soon as they get them and doesn't hoard doses). I'm just responding to questions about the process in Knox County, which is what I know about.

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Yes, and we appreciate that.

Yes, and we appreciate that. All I'm saying is that the State of Tennessee dropped the ball and left KCHD in the lurch.

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That's a not uncommon

That's a not uncommon assessment.

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West Virginia pre-registration

An example of how it should be done:


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WATE reports at 7:36pm

WATE reports at 7:36pm yesterday that 700 vaccines were available for administration on Thursday and Friday by appointment only. Registration was reported as full at 10:22pm.

How are the people signing up for the vaccines finding out about the vaccine clinics? Social media? Are people sitting around refreshing the KCHD web page all day?

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Are people sitting around

Are people sitting around refreshing the KCHD web page all day?

Yes, that's essentially the system. Or traveling elsewhere.

UT Medical Center (UTMC) is already out of appointments for the week.

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That one broke the pattern for events involving KCHD. Typically, in the few short weeks that vaccines have been available, KCHD gets word on Wednesday or so about deliveries and announces when you can register on Thursday in news releases, at their press briefing and online.

This one, perhaps because it is cosponsored by UT, was announced by UT in a news release sent out early last night. There was no advance notice and they apparently began setting appointments immediately. They used UT's reservation system, which might have factored into it.

Providers other than KCHD can announce their events any way they wish. Hospitals can work through their physicians' networks or just announce something on their websites or contact the media. As I mentioned earlier, I've asked about a centralized clearinghouse for the info and so far there isn't one.

As far as KCHD events, checking their website once a day probably isn't a bad idea, though they tend to get notification from the state in the middle of the week and announce upcoming events on Thursdays. They do press briefings every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 p.m., which you can watch on their Facebook page. They keep the recording posted so you can watch later. And, of course, checking in with the media is never a bad idea.

Supply cannot possibly keep up with demand, so it's going to take months to work through even the most vulnerable populations.

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We saw it on FB last night

We saw it on FB last night about 9:30pm or so. Because my wife is of age, we signed her up. Now she has an appointment on Thursday @ 9:45AM at UT Student Union. We called several of our friends of age to let them know and they too got signed up. 1,400 doses total. The sight let you know how many were available each time period.

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What FB page? KCHD? UT Knox,

What FB page? KCHD? UT Knox, UT Med Ctr? FB link?

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Yes, a link would be helpful.

Yes, a link would be helpful.

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KCHD update

Health care workers, first responders and those 70 years and older can sign up on the waitlist beginning Wednesday, February 10, at 8:30 a.m. A full list of qualifying groups (Phase 1a1 and 1a2) can be found on KCHD’s website.

“This waitlist is possible thanks to the hard work of teams in our IT and Health departments,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. “We knew a waitlist needed to be a priority and I’m grateful that we had the in-house capacity to get it done.”

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Knox Co. now has a proper

Knox Co. now has a proper sign up system. Here's the software they are using now..


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I tried it precisely at 8:30

I tried it precisely at 8:30 am and supposedly got a place on the waiting list, although they didn't tell me which (numerical) place. No email or phone confirmation.

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