Oct 27 2011
10:05 am

Yes, I am ashamed. The worst American President, not even allowed to "speak" in Canada, was given a "christian" hero's welcome in Sevier County. Worshippers/fans of the mass murderer paid $125 per person for a 'weekend conference' to hear 'christian' Bush speak for an hour.

It was such a secret and we know why. Me, myself and I and another few hundred who really tried to protest his wars, torture, wasting billions on the bloody streets of Baghdad would have been waving our "Go Back Home" signs at the I-40 407 exit.

He has been banned by 2 New England States, France, and Canada, places who want him arrested and charged with war crimes. Hell, thousands of true American patriots want him indicted and convicted in THIS country. Problem with that goal is that we are too broke to fund a $6 million + trial (the amount it cost us for the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton..who didn't murder anyone.)

But of course the war dog is more than welcome here, claiming to be a 'christian', and raking in thousands with his false piety.


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