Feb 1 2006
12:34 pm

Someone at TVA got back to me on the fossil plant emissions data that has not been updated on TVA's website since 2003. They said that emissions data is typically posted around March of the following year. The "raw data" that was being provided for each fossil plant (as shown in the example here) should have been updated for 2004 but was apparently "lost in the shuffle of updates."

TVA also noted that the 2004 information is available as part of their 2004 Environmental Performance Update. The easiest way to find the raw data is to look at the "Charts for 20 Key Indicators" and click on the chart of interest. A window pops up with the TVA system total by year along with newly established targets. TVA said that the next biannual report would be released in April 2006.

These reports and charts provide a good overview, but they don't' provide the raw data for each fossil plant. I miss that feature because it enabled you to track improvements (or lack thereof) by individual plant and by overall totals in a spreadsheet similar to the one I've been maintaining for years. And as you know, I like to put my own spin on the data. Heh.

Anyway, thanks to TVA for getting back to me and pointing me in the direction of the reports.

OK, then.


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