Jun 26 2006
03:08 pm
By: R. Neal

Here's another one of those personality surveys that assesses your social values and "tribe membership". I'm an "Autonomous Rebel". Post your results in comments. (By way of Kevin Drum.)

Andy Axel's picture

Split decision

Connected enthusiast with autonomous rebel leanings.


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

Paul Witt's picture

autonomous rebelsI'm

autonomous rebels

I'm spotting a trend.

smalc's picture

Autonomous Post-materialist

Autonomous Post-materialist

Johnny Ringo's picture

I think it must be a trend.

I think it must be a trend. I was Connected Enthusiast with Autonomous Rebel leanings as well.


bizgrrl's picture

Autonomous Rebel

Hey, you forgot to mention, I'm an "Autonomous Rebel" as well.

cafkia's picture


Looks like I am a member of the tribe.  Autonomous Rebel is what I got as well.  I'm starting to feel sorry for yall.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

Anonymous's picture

Ok. I came out with social

Ok.  I came out with social hedonist but I don't think that fits.  I'm not materialistic!

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