May 8 2020
07:46 am
By: Mark Harmon

Today is the first day to request absentee voting (that is, a mail-in ballot) for our election coming up August 6th. It is a federal and state primary and a county general election. Here is a link to the form for Knox County, Tennessee. I took it from the Knox County Election Commission website this very morning.


Notice anyone 60 and older (or meeting any of several other listed conditions) may apply to vote this way.

Applying to vote by mail for the Aug. 6 election may be done May 8 to July 30. I recommend doing so early. That way you can correct for any problems/oddities that pop up in the process.

For the November 3rd election, same process but the application period to vote absentee (by mail) is August 5 to October 27.

If you live in Tennessee outside Knox County, I found these links to the form and any questions from the State of Tennessee.


Cordially yours, Mark Harmon

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