Feb 9 2018
11:07 am

I was looking around for a report on the recent UTK Democrats town hall forum with Renee Hoyos and Joshua Williams, Democratic candidates for Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District.

Did not find a report, but fortunately the UTK Dems captured cellphone videos of the entire discussion on Facebook. Thanks! (Don't they have an AV club over there at UT?)

Anyway, here are the videos:

Part 1...

Part 2...

We are lucky to have two top quality candidates!

jbr's picture

A stark contrast to the

A stark contrast to the Republican side. An informative dichotomy.

bizgrrl's picture

Many thanks to the Joshua

Many thanks to the Joshua Williams team for visiting our neighborhood. I appreciate their efforts. Who knows, maybe there is a chance for a Democrat to take Duncan's seat.

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