Mar 6 2011
07:16 am

"I don't think you'll see anything like that here." Gov. Bill Haslam, Feb. 26th, referring to the Wisconsin protests.

Photo: Tennessee Education Association

An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 teachers and supporters gathered in Nashville in the rain yesterday to support teachers and to protest Republican efforts to dismantle public education in Tennessee.


RoaneViews: 3000 Strong at Today's Teacher Rally in Nashville (Plus: photos)

TGW: Thousands of Tennessee Teachers Rally to Protest Union Busting Bill

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TEA: Thousands of Teachers Rally for Their Rights in Nashville


Teachers rally draws thousands to Capitol

At TN Capitol, 3,000 rally for teachers' voices to be heard

Thousands of Tennessee teachers met at the footsteps of the state capitol

Teachers, Tea Party Rally At Capitol


Tennesse teachers rally for collective bargining rights

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Many thanks to all the public

Many thanks to all the public school teachers.

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This is NOT Haslam on his way to the rally


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Bump and update with

Bump and update with Newscoma's photos:


Check this one out:


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Among Nashville-area media outlets, I notice that The Tennessean placed TEA attendance at "more than 3,000" and their ABC affiliate said "about 5,000." Their NBC affiliate offered the only specific estimate I've yet seen as to attendance by Tea Party members at the counter-demonstration (350, they say).

Nashville-area readers/viewers will therefore understand that TEA supporters outpaced Tea Party opposition by 10 to 1--or more.

Readers/viewers OUTSIDE the Nashville area, though, will likely rely on the same AP story appearing in this morning's KNS. It says that "more than 1,000" TEA supporters faced off against "hundreds" of opposing Tea Party members.

Readers/viewers OUTSIDE the Nashville area, then, will mistakenly imagine that TEA supporters outpaced Tea Party opposition by as little as just 2 to 1.

Local chapters of TEA operating outside Nashville therefore have a task in the coming days and weeks to let on-lookers know just how strong a showing TEA made in Nashville on Saturday.

Meanwhile, heartiest congratulations to them!

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I noticed the same thing when

I noticed the same thing when I checked the KNS last night. The article has not been updated and the same mis-information is still there. What a rag...

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Red Meat

Here's the counter-narrative.

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One particularly compelling comparison I documented (twice) at the KNS site last night was this one:

Per the 2010 State Report Card, which cites stats applicable to the 2009-2010 school year, fully 59% of Knox County's teachers now hold masters, masters +45, or doctorate credentials. I confess even I was surprised to learn it.

Sadly, though, the average TN teacher salary in 2009 was still just $45,926.

If TEA is to foster greater understanding among the general population as to just how underpaid the state's teachers really are, these seem to be some hard numbers they might circulate more widely--and we can certainly help with the task.

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That's the beauty of the meme

That's the beauty of the meme that teachers have summers off... It omits the fact that teachers have to continue their education in order to maintain certification. I've taught summer courses that had a lot of working teachers in attendance, and they were consistently the powerhouse of the course. They shared a lot of experience and wisdom with teachers in training.

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The TN legislature...

...making Tennesseans dumber and poorer one bill at a time.

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It isn't helpful, either, that law enforcement agencies nationwide have ceased to offer to media their own "headcounts" at gatherings of this sort.

At any gathering of 5,000 or less, though, it really isn't that difficult for a diligent reporter to simply count for himself the number of protestors gathered in a single spot, or else all marching in the same direction.

I've done it previously--with a "helper" simultaneously compiling his own independent tally--to pretty reliable result.

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