Jul 8 2011
02:02 pm

I am going to take a break from posting anything here or providing truths about any issue or to anyone who has challenged my position. The main reasons are:

In the last 48 hours it is clear that those who want to continue to divide us are at it again, under the guise of explaining one candidate's apparent success in fund-raising.

And since I have NOT publicly supported either Democratic candidate, I will not get pulled into this vitriol, name-calling, and such. As a KCDP member, and an OFA member, I have been accused of "eating my young" and more disgusting terms...and that from a former friend... a former friend and his wife who were guests in my home, a former friend that I marched in the rain for 6 hours on Tazwell Pike because this former friend needed help to protest the presence on the School Board of the Wife-abusing, crazed, drug-abuser, Bill Phillips.

Please, Randy, I do not want my e-mail address available to anyone on this group list. I will let you know if and when I will want to write anything on this blog here again.

Oh, and if any of you have been hurt by the Hacking of my information, let me know. I understand that my situation has been reported to the FBI internet crime hotline.

R. Neal's picture

Ok thanks

Ok thanks

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just to be clear

Thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts Mary. Bill has paid his debt to society and has moved on. You should too.

bizgrrl's picture

Please come back soon. It is

Please come back soon. It is a wide umbrella.

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