Feb 7 2012
05:47 pm

Thank you, Sam McKenzie, for doing the right thing...having the courage to insist that Stacey Campfield be censured by his peers in the State Senate.

Mrs Boggs was correct! His blatant hatred of any one who MIGHT be gay, especially if he is a young teen in this State MUST STOP. His ignorant gibberish, lies and mis-information about HIV/AIDS is worse than ludicrous. It endangers the health of so many who choose to accept his ridiculous 'instructions' on how one contracts HIV/AIDS...the "DON'T SAY GAY" bill actually encouraged the uneducated 'religious' to think it was/is OK to attack, assault, threaten and stalk, even online, young people who are gay or may APPEAR to be gay.

We have lost 3 young teens to suicide in TN because they could not live with assaults on their very beings. How does Campfield explain all the females living here who have received HIV/AIDS from their bi-sexual boyfriends/husbands? Or all the babies born HERE with AIDS?

Thank you Sam. You may have saved some lives today. And we KNOW Duncan Massey will not do anything. But our LGBT community should be grateful for your standing up for them in this State of HATE. And Stacey needs therapy. He proves it every time he speaks.

cafkia's picture

If by "therapy" you mean a

If by "therapy" you mean a strictly enforced no-return bus/plane ticket to some place on the planet where his closeted gay ass will not be the biggest idiot there. Sure,

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