Jun 11 2011
08:48 pm

It sure is a shame that the County Mayor didn't appoint Commissioner Amy Broyles to the "committee" that wrote his disasterous attempt at a budget! He even admitted several times during his campaign that he didn't have much 'experience' on financial matters or budgets, but he would get the best advice possible for those issues. How did that work out for our County?

Commissioner Broyles worked hard, did her homework and managed to propose a practical alternative to the draconian mess that Burchett's advisors pushed on the taxpayers.

The article, found in today's KNS, "Broyles Floats New Budget with raises, without layoffs", page A7.
In her budget, the details include:
NO layoffs AND it will give county employees a one-step
PAYS more on the outstanding debt than last year.
RESTORES jobs to 7 employees to be chosen by Burchett to be laid off.
RESTORES 80% of funding to several non-profits, including the
Beck Cultural Exchange Center.
RESTORES $5,000 in discretionary funding for each
RESTORES funding for IJAMS Nature Center
Cuts funding for the "HOPE RESOURCE CENTER", a religion-based program that does not offer factual information on sexuality, and/or birth control.
And it cut the $25,000 allocated for food for County Commission meetings.

Common sense, practical, humanitarian, very well researched, savings documented...I surely hope the County Commission will look at both budgets and then decide which one actually helps most of our citizens, does pay down our debt while still continues funding vital programs for all groups and all neighborhoods in our county.

Way to GO, AMY! You are another example, like Sam McKenzie, of a dedicated, devoted, experienced public servant. I am proud to know you.

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Have you been to Hope Resource Center? Facts are tricky things.

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Some facts

I don't need to go there to know that their mission is spreading religious doctrine, which is not something our tax dollars should be used for.

From their website:

At HOPE Resource Center young men and women facing unplanned pregnancies are met with the perfect combination of unconditional love, practical help, medical services, and the love of Christ as they struggle to make one of the most important choices of their lives.

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Balance budget

If you want to cut the budget why not fire Frith? He said himself the position was unneeded.
Cut $85k just like that.

He can get a job selling shredders.

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Could not agree more.

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That is a great idea! He

That is a great idea! He finally gives input on a matter that makes sense. He says he is not needed. Getting rid of him is a winning situation. Firing him would save money and help him by giving him more time to concentrate on earning his law degree at LMU. Best idea of the day.

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