Feb 2 2006
09:45 pm

Just returned from the South Waterfront presentation/workshop where the results of the public "vision" process were presented. Overall, the Mrs. and I give it two thumbs up.

I'll have more tomorrow, but here are the two most important and encouraging things I learned:

1. The JFG sign will stay.

2. The old home place on Sevier Ave. where I grew up will stay.

OK, then.

Rachel's picture

Hey, Randy, it was nice to

Hey, Randy, it was nice to meet you and the Mrs. in person. Drop by the Blvd. and visit sometime - we're the only dark green Craftsman on the street.

I'll have more tomorrow on the presentation as well - spouse & I had a non-credit class to attend after it so I'm just now getting ready for dinner.

I've got a few minor quibbles with what was presented, but overall I give it "thumbs up" as well. Curious to hear what others think.

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re: South Waterfront presentation


Be sure to check-out the  exciting fly-over video:

and tell them what you think at this link>


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