Nov 1 2020
07:28 pm
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My biggest fear is what

My biggest fear is what happens after the election. I've never been afraid that a sitting president would be unwilling to leave their office after a defeat, but now we've got a president that has the immorality factor and a large segment of the population that would support him in the action.

I'm also a little concerned about a 2016 repeat but still think it's unlikely.

Im considering going on a news and political media fast until Wednesday. I'm debating with myself if a two month fast would be acceptable under civil ethics.

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Seriously? You are worried

Seriously? You are worried abou the Republicans stealing the election? Lol

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Somehow the fragile Trump groupies present themselves as paragons of virtue.....

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The only person who was

The only person who was saying the election was rigged was trump himself. And he was saying it even before the election. Trump has lied more than any president we've ever had in the whitehouse yet his followers believe every word he says. He's owned casinos so if you ask me, that in itself sends up red flags about his integrity. He and his so-called lawyers publicly spread BS about the election being rigged yet when they take it to court they present no evidence and it gets thrown out. And this is by Republican judges.

If you ask me, I question trump receiving 71 million votes. If anyone was cheating it was him. Besides the democrats in this country don't have the power to pull off a scam of this magnitude, yet the president and Senate does. Lindsay Graham even suggested that Georgia throw out legal ballots so Trump could win the state. Makes me think he had this done in South Carolina.

Trump's using thug like practices to try to overturn the election. And if he succeeds this time, do you think he will ever leave office. Is that what you want. Seriously think about it.

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Trump loses election

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Michigan Hearings Cold Open - SNL

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