Sep 10 2008
06:51 pm

John McCain is being widely hailed as a political genius for picking Sarah Palin as his running mate because her conservative values have electrified the Republican conservative base.

But it appears he may have miscalculated.

Sarah Palin is no conservative.



• Taxes and Big Government: Sarah Palin fought hard for $400 million in federal funding for a so-called "bridge to nowhere" to allegedly improve the lives and fortunes of 50 or so inhabitants of an Alaska island. Taxing many to provide for a few -- that’s what tax-and-spend liberals are all about.

• Sex Education: Sarah Palin's VP campaign spokesperson said that Palin "supports sex education in terms of teaching of contraceptives and everything" and that she doesn't support "abstinence-only" education. This is in direct conflict with the conservative values of most Republicans, who took her previous statement that "explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support" out of context. Clearly she only meant that she does not want X-rated pornography in the classroom. That, at least, should provide conservatives (AND liberals) some consolation.

• Environment: In a move to protect Alaska's elk and moose herds from dangerous predators and to help maintain a steady food supply for Alaska's needy hunters, Sarah Palin encouraged citizens to fly around in airplanes shooting and killing wolves, and even offered bounties for their left-front forelegs. That's the kind of "it takes a village" community organizing liberals are known for, and yet another example of left-wing environmentalists interfering with nature.

• Subsidized Housing: Like any true liberal, Sarah Palin believes in subsidized housing for people too lazy to work and pay their own bills. For example, the State of Alaska paid Gov. Palin nearly $17,000 for staying in her own home 312 nights during her first nineteen months in office.

• Free Public Transportation: Sara Palin believes that the working poor should also have free public transportation to go to the welfare office to pick up their checks. That's why the State of Alaska paid her nearly $45,000 in transportation costs to shuttle her husband and kids around the state.

• Creeping Socialism: Every year, Alaska takes money from hard working oil companies and gives it away to freeloading citizens. Sarah Palin recently increased the amount of this massive redistribution of wealth to $3200 per resident, meaning a family of seven like hers gets $22,400 per year just to sit around and drink beer instead of working. All is not lost, though. Oil companies at least get to deduct these stolen profits from their federal income taxes as a cost of doing business in Sarah Palin's Marxist Liberal Utopia.

Clearly John McCain has missed the mark with his VP pick. Barack Obama should think about bringing Sarah Palin on board to help promote his socialist agenda.

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She recently told a church that the war and the AK. pipeline are God's will. Track leaves for Iraq tomorrow.

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Yes, but her religous views

Yes, but her religous views are largely a mystery, proving that like all liberals her faith does not guide her in the execution of her duties. She probably burns Bibles to cook freshly killed moose meat on the campfire.

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Sarah Palin believes in seperation of church and state

This was obvious when she quit one church to attend another. Like all liberals, Palin owes no allegiance to one religious institution. She attends different churches from time to time, and as people have already seen, works the crowds there into praying for pipelines. Mixing business and church are okay with Palin, but state and church?

"No way", Palin said in an interview yesterday. "If I wanted to build a church of my own, it would be called Temple of the Holy Cosmetic Shoat, and my first commandment would be to honor the little white lie. Little white lies can, like the Bridge to Nowhere I once supported, transport you to heaven or other high places, like to big white houses in Washington even. I mean 16 Pennsylvania Avenue, honey. Do you get my drift? If not I think you're a sexist and should be reported to the Pope."

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Too funny!

Too funny!

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For a moment there, I thought you'd been body-snatched by the Truth Squat. Don't scare me like that.


the distance between black & white is much further than i would like until now i never noticed that fascism has many disguises -d. boon, 1981

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She's like them there

She's like them there Southern libs except for that thar socialism part. Ain't no socialists in the South!

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Ain't no socialists in the

Ain't no socialists in the South!
Ain't no socialists in my house

No socialists took papaw's property
They do not make electricity

Ain't no socialists behind that dam
There are no socialists, Sam I am

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Thanks for the chuckle!

Thanks for the chuckle!

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More evidence: Palin praises Obama's energy policy

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sarah palin button

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