May 21 2012
11:56 am

Someone forgot to tell Ron Paul that this thing is over.
His troops stormed the Minnesota delegate convention on Saturday and took over:


Earlier this month in Maine the same thing:


And Nevada too.

Watch Montana on June 3rd.

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Maybe it's time to bring out

Maybe it's time to bring out the old yard signs

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[Minnesota] State GOP

[Minnesota] State GOP officials, facing financial turmoil and recently threatened with eviction from their headquarters for not paying rent, have moved to embrace the newcomers.
After years of arguing that Paul supporters would "embarrass" the GOP, it's hard for the party to say things like that "when they're the ones getting eviction notices," [Pastor Kevin] Erickson [of Cross Hill Church in Virginia, Minn., a Paul supporter] said.

[Maine] State party chairman [Charlie] Webster ... called Paul supporters "wingnuts."

Are they just crazy up north? Not like we're not crazy down here, just maybe/hopefully in a different way.

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LOL, in further news: HE won

LOL, in further news: HE won this ...he won that...He won those...he continues to win and is getting stronger and stronger

...Oh wait, What was the memo again?

Pathetic...seems memos aren't getting to anyone. :)

and F@ck the captcha on this page.

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RNC, Romney campaign will erect new organization to bypass state GOP

Fed up with an inept and self-destructive GOP apparatus in Nevada, the Republican National Committee and the Mitt Romney campaign have decided to erect a “shadow state party” in this critical swing state, sources confirmed

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here at home

For those interested in who Tennessee is sending to Florida to certify Romney as the GOP prez nominee, it had nothing to do with who Tennesseans voted for for prez.

You can see the results here. Republicans make Tennessee and her counties pay to elect their delegates, yet the voters themselves mocked the process by voting alphabetically. The Gingrich electors won Tennessee's vote because they were listed first on the ballot, and few could bother to scroll past them on the computer screen to their own candidates' electors.

So throw into the equation that Tennessee is 1) sending Gingrich loons to Tampa and thinking they'll vote Romney/Santorum or 2) erecting a shadow party that can usurp the electoral results and command allegiance from the Gingrich electors (one of whom, Campfield, pledged allegiance to Santorum when he decided Gingrich wernt man enough).

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