Sep 2 2013
05:34 pm

I have just started reading The Final Days by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, a tale of the last one hundred days of the Nixon Administration and I came across this little tidbit..

On April 25, 1973, H. R. Haldeman asked Steve Bull, in charge of maintaining the White House taping system, to retrieve several reels that contained conversations between John Dean and the President. He had to go to great lengths to show Mr. Nixon how to play those tapes because the President was a klutz.

After four years of handing out souvenir presidential favors of cufflinks, tie clasps, pens and golf balls, Nixon still required assistance to open the cardboard boxes. Bull was accustomed to providing such help. Once, the President had called him in to open an allergy-pill bottle, which Nixon had been struggling with for some time—the childproof type of bottle, with instructions saying “Press down while turning.” The cap had teeth marks on it where Nixon had apparently tried to gnaw it open.

Picture, if you will, the most powerful man on the planet stymied by a child-proof cap.

Bbeanster's picture

Resisting the urge to say I

Resisting the urge to say I know exactly how Tricky Dick felt, I will say I've had the exact same experience. HATE those child-proof caps.

Have to get a kid to pen them for me.

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Agree, on both parts. There

Agree, on both parts. There were times when I just wanted to take some pliers and crush the bottle.

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Unrelated to child proof caps,

but if you have HBO, check out "Nixon by Nixon"

I can't believe a few still have reverence for the man.

He was certifiable.

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