Nov 9 2017
11:28 am

HI, All: And after Monday's kick off event here locally for our Super, qualified Democratic Candidate, Dr. Joshua Williams, who is running to TAKE BACK the seat in Congress from the "Duncan Dynasty", I am thrilled to let all you Nay-Sayers, critics and rumor mongers know that our REAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY is BACK!

This is also a sure thing because of the REAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY wins ACROSS this country engineered by young people, and WOMEN ! And locally and State-wide, we have a slate of wonderful candidates who are on their way to take over our Tennessee House seats and one Senate year.

As a hard worker in our Renewed local KCDP,(since 2009) I have met, and supported many good Democrats who ran for office, who represented the BEST Tennessee had to offer...who were defeated by right wing scare tactics, disrespect of women and our Rights, and outside dirty money.
But TODAY is a new Day!


Even before the extraordinary WIN across this country, we have had wonderful, courageous candidates file to run for local and State offices. I will provide a list here, and y'all need to pay attention, and choose to support their campaigns. Like our country, this State has been embarrassed and humiliated by the CRETIN in the White House. He has insulted and lied about EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC I can name, so bad that even Senator Corker can not stand the thought that he is in charge of our government.

So, even tho' the GOP here and across Tennessee thinks that it can continue to run our State by intimidation (guns and ammo), by disparaging our poor, and low-income, and our disabled, single women who do not make enough to feed their kids, this type of hate governance is no longer to be tolerated. Here is MY LIST of great Democrats who have already been running for office across this State for MONTHS. Pay Attention!

U.S. House members:

District 1, Tri-Cities - Dr. Marty Olsen
Opponent is Phil Roe

District 2, Knox and close by counties - Dr. Joshua Williams
John Duncan Jr's seat (already has a BUNCH of GOP opponents
and one other Democrat

District 3, Chattanooga: Dr. Danielle Mitchell
Opponent is Fleischmann

District 4, Murfreesboro: Mariah Phillips
Opponent is, yes, the woman hater Dr. DesJarlais !

U.S. Senator:

Nashville Attorney, Veteran and Hero,
JAMES MACKLER whose grass roots campaign is AWESOME
His primary opponent is Marsha, Marsha, Marsha Blackburn but others are 'considering' running. But James has a plan, a goal, to work on issues in Congress to help our State grow and thrive.

And our TNDP is on a new path, hundreds of YOUNG Democrats and Independents, and women's teams are already working for ALL these outstanding Leaders to be. I am so proud and grateful to be a Democrat as we ARE COMING TOGETHER for the good of our City, our State, and our country!

jbr's picture

Is Rene Hoyos running?

Is Rene Hoyos running?

Knoxgal's picture

Rene Hoyos is running

Yes, Renee Hoyos is running, I was wondering why she was left off.

yellowdog's picture

I am still wondering

why Ms. Hoyos was not named...I doubt it was an oversight. So what, then?

bizgrrl's picture

To be fair, the list is Mary'

To be fair, the list is Mary's and was posted after an event for Joshua Williams. Mary did mention there is another Democratic candidate for Duncan's seat. Haven't heard from Hoyos since her announcement to run and I can't find a campaign website for her.

Knoxgal's picture

I promise you Renee is running

Renee has been very busy meeting with groups all around E. Tennessee. There is a campaign event for her this Wednesday in a private home.

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Rene is running. It is good to have qualified people stepping up

bizgrrl's picture

I Googled her name and her

I Googled her name and her name with "for congress". Nothing showed up. I'm thinking she needs better Google foo.

I shouldn't say nothing. Older articles from media came up.

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Here is the link to Renee Hoyos’ campaign website

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As opposed to what? Seriously, was there a fake Democratic Party that I am not remembering?

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As opposed to what? Seriously, was there a fake Democratic Party that I am not remembering?

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My Democratic Party and its Revival HERE and everywhere!

And thanks, Biz Girl, for pointing out that this is MY opinion and my comments. You are 'right on' in that I was blown away attending Dr. Williams' kick off. Not only is his campaign as diverse as it is, but long-time leaders of our Party are giving him their public support, and so many groups are coming together, declaring they will HELP him win!

And the reason that I did not name Rene Hoyos is that I feel that Dr. Williams has the experience, the determination and will to reach out to All voters, and he has defined a plan that will help our State move forward after 2 terms of Haslam.

Now that I am no longer in a leadership role in KCDP, I am able to express my opinion and speak from MY experience, a luxury I did not have for 8 years.

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