Nashville Post by way of Tom Humphrey...

Rep. Duncan’s wife Lynn has reportedly been taking every chance she can get to bash Burchett, including telling multiple people at last week’s Tennessee Republican Party Statesmen’s Dinner that Burchett had physically threatened her at a Republican event in Loudon County the week before. (Burchett’s staff denies anything like that happened.)

The report also says Duncan will keep paying his son thousands per month from his campaign funds even though he is no longer campaigning. "[H]e’s still doing all kinds of things for me," says Duncan.

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Hmm. I can't imagine what he could "threaten" her about, nor that he'd do that, either one.

Possibly these "several people" Lynn Duncan spoke to have more details, but this doesn't make much sense to me based on just this vague accusation...

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Yeah, sounds pretty sketchy

Yeah, sounds pretty sketchy to me.

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There was lots and lots of

There was lots and lots of buzzing about stuff Mrs. Duncan was saying at the Statesman's Dinner. And since that's the TN GOP's biggest annual event, it wasn't coming from far left kooks and Democrats.

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I waited days to report the

I waited days to report the Statesmen's incidents until I had confirmation from people who are neither Burchett nor Duncan supporters and have no reason to skew things either way. And it still could be off, bc Lynn might have told some people one thing and some other people another thing — it's kinda impossible to interview all 2k people that were there. But I had enough confirmation from uninterested sources that I finally felt comfortable reporting on it. Just fwiw.

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So what were these alleged

So what were these alleged threats about? Not doubting your reporting, just doubting anything a Duncan says.

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She was telling people Duncan

She was telling people Duncan had to step in to prevent Burchett from further physically confronting her — which, again, Burchett people say did not happen.

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Sounds totally out of

Sounds totally out of character for Burchett. If anything, the other way around would be more believable. Still wonder, though, what the alleged argument was about.

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I have had multiple social

I have had multiple social and a few official(ish) interactions with Burchett over the near two decades I have known him. I have no problem believing the commercial of him stopping to move a turtle out of the road was at least based in reality if not a recreation of an actual event. But out of the several tens of conversations we have had, I have never heard him espouse or endorse violence in anyway towards anyone or anything. I would need video and audio with a verifiable chain of custody to trustworthy people (read: people not named Duncan) to even have a chance of me believing this.

And I generally hate his political positions.

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Hehe! Cafkia's post reminds

Cafkia's post reminds me of that time Burchett caught some burglars breaking into his storage unit. He called the cops, held them at gunpoint and fed them cookies (probably made by his Mama).

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the funny real cookies story

Someone asked Tim about that at a community meeting and this was and will always be one of my favorite "random Tim Burchett stories." This was brought up a couple years ago so I might not have everything 100% but it is pretty close and it is pretty funny,

So his girlfriend at the time made the cookies. But they tasted horrible, however, Tim didn't want to hurt her feelings if she asked how they tasted. So he had these cookies that he didn't want to eat and at the same time didn't want to lie to his girlfriend. So when the kids got caught, Tim was like 'hey guys you look a little hungry, here have some cookies that my girlfriend made.' The next day the story about the cookies went viral in the media and Tim told his girlfriend, "check it out, your cookies are famous."

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