Aug 6 2010
08:34 am

Well, I hate to say I told you so but it appears the Democratic Party is dead in Tennessee for at least a generation.

Knox County Commission lost a Democrat, leaving only two elected Democrats in Knox County government. Their power is somewhat amplified with a smaller commission, but you only have to count to six now and Republicans have nine.

Every Single Democrat was wiped out from the Blount County Commission, leaving not a single elected Democrat in Blount County government.

Republican County Mayors in both counties destroyed their competition. (By the way, here's the new face of Blount County. They're yukking it up and the joke's on you, my Democratic friends.)

The news from our friend out west isn't much better.

A perfect storm of huge Republican turnout for the goobernutorial primary and an uncontested and also uninspiring Democratic primary plus some anti-Obama/Pelosi sentiment whipped up by foaming-at-the-mouth teabaggers (Stacey Campfield? seriously?) thrown in for good measure equaled disaster for Democrats.

Hell, even the few Democrats who showed up were voting for Republicans. If this is a preview of November, we're toast.

On the bright side, Republicans did some housecleaning, getting rid of State Reps. Eric Swafford (R-25) and Chad Faulkner (R-36). And Robin Smith won't be further embarrassing our state in Washington.

And Haslam's somewhat weak 47% showing statewide (it's a mandate!) could mean less enthusiastic Republican turnout in the general, but I doubt it. And about half of that was probably crossover Democrats who have three months to wise up. But if that's all we've got to hang our hats on we're done.

So, yeah, all you state Democrats get out there and git to thumpin' them Bibles and shootin' it up at the gun range some more*. 'Cause that's really working out great, ain't it?

And no, I'm not bitter in the least.

*UPDATE: Amazing. It only took about five minutes...

UPDATE: More tears in beers...

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Elrod's picture

Who is that with Ed Mitchell?

In the photo

R. Neal's picture

The paper says it's Rob

The paper says it's Rob Nease. No idea who that is.

Blount Countian's picture

Rob Nease

Rob Nease is mentioned here, on the website of Citizens for Better Government. He's a deputy who gets lots of bonuses from Sheriff Berrong:


Andy Axel's picture

The good news is that it's

The good news is that it's obvious that GOD DOES NOT WANT ZACH WAMP TO RUN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE...

...into the ground, or otherwise.

LeftWingCracker's picture

I just sent this to my email list

It's a grim day for Tennessee, to be sure, I thought Campfield had lost and Jeff Yarbro had won, only to find out the reverse.

As for Shelby County, well...

Not one, but TWO of our incumbent State Executive Committeemen lost last night, but unexpected. I suspect Georgia felt better after Sherman left that we do now.

JasonSP's picture

oh please

Who do you think you're helping with Chicken Little posts like this? All it takes is one big election cycle to convince the winners they've won for all time and the losers that they're doomed forever. Be glad that the state has avoided utter ruin at the hands of Wamp and Ramsey, enjoy eight years of Haslam rule that will be exactly the same as the previous eight years, and move on.

R. Neal's picture

move on. I guess you don't

move on.

I guess you don't see it as any big deal that EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT was voted off Blount County Commission or that similar results across the state spell doom in November. Is there supposed to be a pony and a silver lining in there somewhere?

Andy Axel's picture

Let's see what happens with

Let's see what happens with the TN-Sen 21 race, where 39-year-incumbent Doug Henry beat his upstart competitor, Jeff Yarbro, by 2 votes.

Yes, that's two votes. Two votes, and Henry loaned his own campaign $200,000. In margin dollars, that's $100,000 per vote.

On my way to work today, I'll take pictures of all the yards that have both Haslam signs and Henry signs, not that anyone cares about Republican interference in a Democratic primary when it's the governor's endorsement on the line...

Rachel's picture

On my way to work today, I'll

On my way to work today, I'll take pictures of all the yards that have both Haslam signs and Henry signs, not that anyone cares about Republican interference in a Democratic primary when it's the governor's endorsement on the line...

I dunno. Around here something like that's more likely to happen with Ds who are supporting Haslam.

local_yokel's picture

Check out the Daily Times online poll

I think this is pretty darn tacky:


The heading is "Is the Democratic party dead in Blount County?"

The optional answers are:

Still Kicking
On life-support

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