Jan 30 2006
02:15 pm

North Carolina's attorney general has filed a lawsuit in federal court against TVA for, according to the report, "harming the state's economy and the health of its residents by failing to reduce pollutants from its coal-burning power plants." (Thanks to Michael Silence for bringing this to our attention.)

Clearly the AG hasn't been reading the Knoxville newspaper. If he had, he'd know that the air is clean and getting cleaner, that TVA spends $1 million per minute or something like that on pollution controls, that TVA has virtually eliminated pollution from its power plants, and that coal fired power plant pollution is a myth anyway because everybody knows that air pollution is caused by volcanoes and bovine flatulence.

On a related note, I was recently checking the TVA website to see if they had posted any new emissions data lately. The most recent fossil plant emission data is for 2003. I sent an e-mail asking why it hadn't been updated, and where I could find the data for 2004, and when they would have the data for 2005. I'll let you know what I find out. I'm not holding my breath.

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....I would

....I would hold my breath --you might live longer if you do.

That is, if you live in East Tennessee you may live a longer and healthier life by holding your breath. I'm interested in seeing the data, thanks for bird-dogging it.

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But, the TVA board did such a good job last year, that they were all recently awarded bonuses of from $500K to a million dollars each.  Surely, such bonuses would not have been awarded had they not been reducing pollutants, or something? (sarcasam alert) 

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2004 soot data

USPIRG released a report on 2004 fine particle pollution data, and Knoxville ranked 15th worst in soot, a slight improvement over the previous year. Scott Barker reported on it a month ago. The metro area is still well above attainment status, and those standards are likely to be tightened this year.

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Good for them. That is the

Good for them. That is the only way TVA will respond. Ten years from now what do you think the air will be like?

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